Cycling For Beginners

Cycling For Beginners

Posted by Goggles N More on 30th May 2019

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Cycling is an activity that will never go out of style. This is a fun activity to do for the sheer pleasure of it, but it's also a useful activity for those who need a cheap or fitness-oriented form of transportation. Every year, people pick up a bicycle for their very first time and so whether you're fifteen or fifty-one, know that everyone has to start somewhere. So if you're just getting started, consider these top tips and must-have gear to get the most out of your cycling experience:

Cycling for Beginners: Tips & Must-Have Gear

Get some quality padded cycling shorts

  If you plan on spending more than thirty minutes on your bike every time you ride, then consider investing in some padded cycling shorts or padded bib shorts. These specially designed shorts sit against the wearer's crotch to form a cushioning barrier and absorb and reflect sweat away from the body. This prevents chaffing and pain that often otherwise stops people from cycling before they ever really get started. 

Wear a well-fitting helmet

Well-fitting helmet - cycling for beginners

If you are just getting into bicycling, then the chances are high that at some point you will fall. It might be to avoid a collision, loss of control over slick or icy roads, or something else entirely. But whatever the reason, a helmet will protect that most important part of your body. Today's helmets come in an outstanding variety of prices, sizes, and lightness, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your head and your budget.

Find some quality cycling goggles

Cycling goggles or glasses are a huge yet undervalued asset to have. These type of glasses protect eyes from harmful UV rays as well as from kicked up road debris, bugs, plants, and other items that can cause physical damage. Additionally, cycling glasses frequently come with special lenses that make it much easier to see across different weather conditions like bright sunlight and rain. Goggles N More offers a wide selection of biker-friendly eyewear perfect for your next ride. 

Keep a pump and chain oil at your home or office

Bike Air Pump- Cycling for beginners

Two of the most routine types of maintenance you can expect to do is to regularly pump up your tires and clean and oil your bike chain. Bike tires commonly lose pressure without any holes due to temperature fluctuations. Having a ready floor pump to check and fill up on a weekly basis will ensure you're at the optimum tire pressure (which improves the bike's handling and helps reduce the risk of tire punctures or pinch flats which occur when a partially inflated tube gets pinched between the rim and tire). Additionally, cleaning and oiling your chain should be done once a month with regular use and after riding in bad weather to improve the longevity of all drivetrain components.

Know your route before you go

When you're riding a bicycle on the road, you need to be constantly aware of your surroundings and understand that many drivers aren't looking for bicycles. Even though you have every right to be there, it's still best to play safe when planning your routes -- especially when you're first getting started. Begin by researching your county, state, or region's bicycle maps and look first for off-road, bike and pedestrian-only bike paths. Spend some time exploring these routes and getting more confident with your bike and how it handles. When you're ready to hit the road and share space with other vehicles, use those same guides and plan out your route before you take it. Try to avoid heavy trafficked roads and those with high posted speed limits (35 mph and lower is ideal). Not only are such roads safer, but they tend to be more enjoyable due to less road noise and more space. Another good tip for all bike trips, whether you are just beginning or you've been going for decades, is to have alternate routes in mind should your main drag be obstructed, lack bike lanes or sufficient safe shoulders, or something else. 

Finally, Have Fun!

We hope this list of gear and tips is helpful and hope you have a great time throughout your cycling experience! Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about gear or getting the right cycling glasses for your biking needs.

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