Defogging Ski Goggles

Defogging Ski Goggles

Posted by Goggles N More on 7th Sep 2022

Going downhill or cross-country skiing is a very popular sport and activity that millions of people like to enjoy during the winter months. When you are going skiing, there are many different pieces of equipment and accessories that you will need to have it go as well as possible. One very important accessory that you will need will be your ski goggles. While ski goggles can help to protect your eyes and are intended to help you see, one issue that many people have is that they can get foggy. Fortunately, this is a problem that can be avoided through the use of proper technique and equipment.

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What Causes Ski Goggles to Fog Up?

Before you are able to clear your goggles of fog, it is important to understand why they begin to fog up in the first place. The science behind what causes the fog to occur is relatively simple. The main reason for the creation of the fog is the fact that there is a drastic difference in the temperature and moisture of what is in front of your goggles and behind them. When you are outside skiing in some areas of the country, there is likely very cold and dry air.

On the other hand, your face and body will begin to get quite hot as the day goes on. As your face continues to get warmer and produce sweat, the combination of dry cold air and warm humid air will meet on the face of the goggles and will cause them to start to fog. Because of this, there is always a very good chance that fog will occur on your goggles when you are skiing.

How to Avoid Fog From Forming

Once you know how the fog on your goggles is formed, it can be much easier to figure out how to keep it away. The best way that you can prevent fog from forming on your goggles is by keeping your face cool. While you will want to make sure that you are properly protected out of concern of say, sunburn, and windburn, you also want to make sure that your face does not get too hot. Taking a break to cool down after a long run on the mountain will help to do this.

Another way to cool your face down is by monitoring the airflow that goes in and out of your goggles. You should make sure that the goggles are somewhat ventilated, which will allow for some cool air to get back in. This can help prevent the fog from ever forming on the inside or outside of your goggles.

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How to Remove Fog

There are many ways that you can remove fog. The most effective is to keep them ventilated and then use goggle wipes if fog does accumulate. While this can help to remove the fog, it will likely keep coming back. Another option is to invest in electric anti-fog goggles. These goggles will allow you to keep your lenses clear when you are going down the mountain without having to do any additional work.

Another great option is the Snowledge. These goggles come with a range of color tinted lenses and have great anti-fog snow protection. This anti-fog technology will help to keep your goggles clear and give you the vision that you need to stay safe on the slopes. These goggles also have a great battery life that can be up to seven days long with normal usage. Further, they have great sun protection features, which can protect your eyes during the brightest days on the mountain. 

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