Do I Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Do I Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Posted by Goggles N More on 17th Sep 2019

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Chances do.  You've probably asked yourself this question. Everyone's talking about blue light and its effect on us. And the inevitable conclusion seems to be that more and more of us do need Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Ask a few of the follow up questions below and you'll see that Blue Light Blocking Glasses are probably a great choice for your lifestyle:

Do you have a smartphone?

It's hard to get by without one these days, and most of us wouldn't want to even try.  If you have the weekly screen time report, you know it's not unusual to spend 6-8 hours a day looking at your screen, between texting, Face-time, Facebook and other applications.

Do you use a laptop or desktop?

Almost every job and household requires internet access now, and often more with spreadsheets, emails, internal messaging and more. Even jobs "out in the field" have portable computers and screens. This can be eight hours a day MORE that your eyes and brain are exposed to blue light

What about TV?

If not work, when we're at play, or relaxing, even on the weekends! There's no escape from high-energy blue light. Do relax and unwind from work on Saturday and Sunday watching sports? Or do you catch up on or binge your favorite shows on your DVR, Hulu or Netflix? Statistics show the average binge is SIX HOURS long, and just one football, basketball or baseball game can go 3 hours.

Are you a Gamer?

Is your favorite way to unwind to spend some time with NES, X-box or any other gaming system, playing with friends? That can for hours or days! Even more time bathed in high-energy blue light.

So yes, in this day and age, the greatest likelihood is, you're being exposed to blue light for many, if not most or nearly ALL of your waking hours.

But Do I Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

You'll almost certainly benefit from blue light blocking glasses - but ask these questions about your reactions to high energy blue light:


How Long Does it Take You to Get to Sleep?

Blue light, along with text conversations, most television programming and screen-based work, are stimulating, not relaxing, and it may take a while to "wind down" from the psychological AND physiological effects (from blue light!)

How Long Do You Sleep?

Seven or eight hours are recommended by the medical establishment and studies show most of us aren't getting that. Taking a longer time to relax into slumber shortens your night's sleep and rolling over to grab your phone before you're ready reactivates blue light and starts the cycle again!

How Restful is Your Sleep?

Prolonged exposure to Blue Light, all day, but especially right at bed time, may keep your brain waves in a more vigilant pattern of less "deep" sleep as you try to rest, keeping you from the sleep phases that most refresh you and help your body and brain recover from a stressful day.

What About Your Health?

Frequent Headaches:

Everyone can feel a little stressed or get a headache after squinting at a screen all day, but do you suffer from chronic head pain? Throbbing recurring cluster headaches? What about migraines? If so, Blue Light Blocking glasses may be part of your solution!

Eye Health:

Some studies have shown early onset of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) connected to high energy blue light. Even cataracts may be linked to this harmful radiation.

Today's lifestyles of communication, work and play mean exposure to high-energy blue light!, and that means yes!

I think its safe to say, we all need Blue Light Blocking Glasses!

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