Facts About Prescription Swim Goggles

Facts About Prescription Swim Goggles

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Prescription swim goggles are a great way to help vision issues without needing to wear glasses to and from the pool. These prescription swim goggles are great for kids especially since they are notorious for losing and breaking their daily wear prescription glasses. 

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Can you get Prescription Swim Goggles?

Yes, you can either get off-the-shelf prescription swim goggles, fixed power prescription goggles that best match your actual prescription or, you can get prescription swim goggles custom made to your actual prescription. The choice on what kind of prescription swim goggles will really depend on your prescription needs. 

Do Prescription Swim Goggles Work?

Prescription swim goggles will let you experience swimming in a whole new light if you normally wear glasses on land but don’t have anything for the water. They will allow you to swim with the same clear vision that you get with your regular glasses so you’ll be able to experience swimming like you have never before.

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How do you Swim With Prescription Glasses?

You can’t swim with prescription glasses or sunglasses as they do not seal the water out and you risk losing your glasses. The best solution is to use prescription swim goggles.

Goggles fog up because there is next to no airflow between your face (warm) and the lenses (cold) so warm air touches the cold lenses, resulting in condensation deposited on the colder surface of the lenses. You can reduce or eliminate fogging by using anti-fog wipes.

How To Choose Prescription Swim Goggles

You could opt for the recreational, off-the-shelf goggles if you were swimming for shorter durations or only on occasion. These tend to be more affordable with fixed power prescription lenses. The downside is, they usually only cater to simple, single vision correction in fixed steps so will most likely not match your exact required correction. As a result, this may lead to eyestrain and headaches with frequent or prolonged use. If you normally require astigmatism correction above +/-1.0, then you should consider made-to-prescription swim goggles to avoid discomfort.

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