Family Pool Party Ideas

Posted by Goggles N More on 28th May 2019

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It is almost summertime, which means it will soon be time for pool parties. This year, wow your friends and family with your fun party ideas! These pool party ideas will grab the spotlight this year. Check out this roundup of ideas that will get you excited about jumping into the summer season!

Family Pool Party Ideas

Beach Ball Invitations

Skip the boring old e-vites or mailed cards, send your guests invitations on beach balls! Your invitations will set the theme and show your creative side. Write the details on the ball—the time, date, and any other pertinent notes and either send them flat through the mail or hand deliver them fully inflated.

Glow Sticks in the Pool

Glow Sticks in the Pool

We all know that lights around the pool for nighttime parties can add to the ambiance, but adding glow sticks to the pool will light up the night in an all new way! Glow sticks can be tossed right in the pool and they will give off a muted, colorful light. Glow sticks come in a wide variety of colors so you can match any theme. And at the end of the night, let the kids dive for the sticks!

Vintage Beach Party Theme

A retro theme is always fun. Think about old beach movies and head to your local thrift store to purchase vintage Hawaiian shirts, swimsuits, and surf gear. Buy extra shirts for your guests! Buy retro snacks and curate a playlist of beach tunes (or find an oldies station instead). Use a beach towel as your table runner, serve your snacks in beach buckets, and add beach shovels for serving spoons. Use a small inflatable pool filled with ice for a drinks cooler.

80s Pool Party

80s Pool Party

The 80s are always a hit! An 80s-themed pool party will make everyone happy. Ask your guests to dress like their favorite 80s celebrity. Find an 80s station you can blast, or set up TVs outside and set up a playlist of 80s music videos on YouTube to play while your guests are partying. As for 80s food, buy some classic snacks, juice boxes, and frozen pizza!

Celebrity White Party

Celebrities have made white parties extremely popular, so why not have a white pool party? White inflatable pool balls and rafts, white decorations, white foods…and a white swimsuit dress code! White tea lights, white snacks (think white chocolate, white popcorn, etc.) and more will really set off the party theme. Maybe play the Beatles White Album?

Sunscreen Station

Sunscreen Station

Nothing can ruin a good pool party quicker than a sunburn. Keep your guests safe by providing them with sunscreen. Set up a sunscreen station where they can grab sunscreen, lotion, hats, sunglasses, and more. While you’re at it, set up an extra towel station, too. Many guests may remember to bring their own, but inevitably, some will forget. Grab a large cooler, roll the towels, and add a sign that lets guests know these are extra towels.

Summer Camp Theme

A summer camp theme is a fun way to allow your adult friends to go back in time and the kids to pretend to be at camp for an afternoon. For décor, buy some cheap whistles, sun visors, and some signs that direct your guests to their cabins, the mess hall, etc. As for snacks, buy s’mores ingredients and juice boxes. Consider dividing your guests into teams to play some ‘camp-style’ games during the party. 

These pool party ideas will make your party the talk of the summer! Kids and adults will have fun, and everyone will be asking you for ideas next year!  For all your pool eyewear needs, check out Goggles N More’s selection of sunglasses and goggles perfect for the entire family.

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