Fog-free Ski Goggles

Fog-free Ski Goggles

Posted by Goggles N More on 28th Mar 2019

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There is a reason Olympic skiers wear goggles, and it’s the same reason smart non-professional competitive skiers and hobby skiers do the same. You might not be trying to win a Gold Medal, but the importance of wearing proper protective eyewear while on the slopes can’t be overestimated. First, nothing will ruin a day of skiing faster than wearing the wrong goggles. Whether you're dealing with foggy lenses, loss of balance, low visibility, or uncomfortable fit, we’ve all been there.

Fog-free ski goggles

Investing in high-performance ski goggles will not only up your game and enjoyment dramatically, but they’ll also keep you and your fellow slope-mates safer. When considering the best protective eyewear, begin by taking into account how you will use them: 

  • Are you a Neck Gaitor fan? (that’s a foggy lens culprit) 
  • Do you typically ski on sunny days? 
  • Do you need multiple lenses? 
  • Do you need a versatile lens for all light and weather conditions? 
  • Do you prefer a quick-release system?

The Importance of Ski Goggles

Snow, by scientific nature, reflects light eight times as much as grass, turf, and water. Wearing ski goggles with HEV and UV protection when dealing with any of those conditions is a smart way to keep the glare of the sun away.

Clear visibility when dealing with any outdoor activity is important in order to prevent accidents, however unlikely you may think they are. Clear vision also helps with performance. With winter sports especially, depth perception is key. Contrast is important in winter sports because, as your skills improve and you’re able to tackle more challenging terrain, it helps you better see obstacles, bumps, and the slopes in front of you. The right ski goggles offer many benefits: 

  • Anti-fog features 
  • You get a better view of the run ahead 
  • They protect the eyes from harmful UV rays 
  • Like sunglasses, they cut glare 
  • They protect the face and offer a warmth factor
  • Increased visual contrast

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Anti-Fog Goggles to the Rescue

When it’s cold outside and you’re driving, condensation builds up on your interior windshield and makes it unsafe to drive. That’s exactly what happens when you ski, especially if you wear a Neck Gaiter. The solution? Anti-fog goggles. Double lenses discourage condensation from forming due to an anti-fog coating and vents on the top, sides and bottoms of the goggles, which clear the warm air. You wouldn’t drive with a foggy windshield, so why take risks skiing with foggy goggles? Whatever the light conditions you are dealing with, there’s a high-tech anti-fog goggle to help you see and ski clearly. For example, Snowledge Ski Goggles intuitively self-adjust to keep lenses fog-free according to the conditions or you can clear fog on demand to extend time between battery charges.

Here's more detail about why the right ski goggles are essential for skiing:

Eyewear Protection

Sunglasses might help reduce glare, but they can’t do what goggles do. Cold weather irritates your eyes. They’re exposed to wind and small airborne particles. Sunglasses won’t help you much if you’re a fan of night-skiing.


Clear visibility is important when skiing, not only to help you enjoy your journey but to prevent accidents. Specialized goggle lenses can save the day. Glare will be minimized and you won’t be squinting. Dealing with stark white slopes on a sunny day? Eclipse Black lenses are suited for bright conditions.

Increased Contrast

When you engage in winter sports it is crucial that you’re able to see the bumps and slopes ahead. Improved contrast allows you to see more detail in the terrain, and specialized goggles help you do that. For example, Flash Green Mirror lens provides extra contrast. Colored lenses help you deal with different lighting conditions, based on their color: 

  • Amber – Great for cloudy days or dimly-lit trails 
  • Brown/Copper -- The most versatile lenses, because they can be worn under different weather conditions. 
  • Rose -- Best for hazy and cloudy conditions.

Do You Wear Glasses? You Need Prescription Lens Inserts

If you wear glasses and want to avoid fogging, you should consider investing in prescription lens inserts rather than wearing over-the-glasses (OTG) goggles. Whether you need bifocal, progressive, prism or astigmatism lenses, you can get goggle inserts that will meet your needs. Prescription lens inserts are more comfortable, and less likely to become lost or damaged. They fit snugly and won’t interfere with or impede your activity -- they will actually provide more freedom and safety. Want to change goggles? No problem. Goggles N More Universal Inserts feature quick insert and release to work with all your goggles.

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