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Posted by Goggles N More on 5th Mar 2019

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A long and lasting relationship is shared by the world of technology and sports. As technological advancement takes place, new and innovative gadgets are invented for each field in order to make it more fun and efficient. The same is applicable for sports. Each year, we see a horde of gadgets introduced for avid sportsmen and athletes, which are laden with new features and advancements. If you are a sportsman, you will definitely be interested in some of these high tech gadgets:


Did you think the German-lens meisters just specialized in making camera? They have also made the Leica Pinmaster II, which is designed for a well-heeled golfer and the laser-toting device can tell you exactly how far it is to the pin. The device has a clear LED display and 7x magnification and can give accurate measurements up to 825 yards.


This is a cross breed of a snowboard and a skateboard. Not only can this Freeboard be ridden in the regular way, but it also has some extra wheels in the center that allow it to be ridden in perpendicular style. You can slow down, slide, carve and stop wherever you want. The concept behind the device is that it gives you more flexibility and control as opposed to a regular skateboard.


If you are into adventurous sports such as cycling down slopes, jumping off cliffs or rafting through rapids in a small boat, then you will probably enjoy recording your experiences through the GoPro HD Hero, which can capture 1080p footage with the help of a wide angle lens and can be mounted on surfboards, helmets, bikes or anything else.


The makers of the Smart car have now come up with an electric bicycle, which boasts a charging dock for smartphones and is also great for GPS navigation. The pedal power can be supplemented with a motor when needed as it replenishes the battery with the energy gained when braking. This provides the bike with a range of 100 km per charge.


When you are doing sporting activities in the wilderness, the last thing you want to do is get sick or infected because you guzzled some dirty water. This bottle can turn out to be your savior because it takes a mere minute for neutralizing any bacteria in the water by using UV light. Every time you charge it, it can be used for purifying about 16 gallons of water.


If you are a runner, normal earbud earphones aren’t good enough for you. They tend to fall out and rain and sweat can leak into them. Sennheiser has made these sporty in-ears that are designed to remain locked in your ears no matter how much you bounce or move. They are also water resistant and boast a reflective strip on the neckband. Furthermore, they can offer you an excellent sound quality so you can enjoy your music while on the run.

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