How Do You Clean Prescription Swim Goggles?

How Do You Clean Prescription Swim Goggles?

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Unless otherwise instructed, only flush with clean water after each use and then air dry. Touching the inside of the lenses either with your hands or a towel usually results in damage to the anti-fog coating, as these are active coatings on the outer surface of the lens without the protection of any hard coatings.

If you invest in a pair of quality  prescription swim goggles the last thing you want to do is clean them incorrectly and possibly damage them permanently or need to put off use until they are repaired. The good news is that maintaining your prescription swim goggles is not complex at all.

Steps For Cleaning Prescription Swim Goggles

Cleaning prescription swim goggles is incredibly simple.

  1. First, you simply flush your swim goggles with cool clean water after you are done swimming in any type of water. Even chlorinated pool water that seems clean should be rinsed off after each use.
  2. Leave them somewhere safe to dry. Keep your swim goggles out of direct sunlight while drying and out of reach of any curious hands that may grab the lens.
  3. The key thing to remember is to keep your fingers and any fabric off of the lens itself to avoid tiny scratches and to avoid removing the active anti-fog coating.
  4. That's it. It really is that simple to clean your swim goggles after each swim. It is both easy and important so be sure to follow the simple steps to prolong the life of your swim goggles. 

Why should you keep your prescription swim goggles clean?

If you do not rinse your swim goggles after each use then the water you swim in can leave deposits on the lens. Saltwater can leave mineral deposits and chlorine water can leave a chlorine film. Both salt and chlorine are abrasive and corrosive which can eventually wear down your swim goggle lens coating, the rubber sealing and the straps of your swim goggles. Any item that you use in the water regularly should be rinsed just as often. Even fresh spring water if left on the lens can turn to mold and bacteria in any crevices if not allowed to dry completely before putting them away in their protective storage case. The last thing you want on an item that is suctioned to your face near your eyes is bacteria and mold so be sure to take easy precautions to keep your swim goggles clean and dry after each use. This applies to both prescription and regular lens swim goggles.

Is cleaning prescription swim goggles very different from cleaning other goggles?

No, not really. Any swim goggle with an anti-fog coating should not be touched in the lens area and should be rinsed after use. The key difference is that your prescription swim goggles are not interchangeable with a pair you can pick up at your local store. You will want to take care of them to avoid having to order a new pair more often than expected. Not having your swim goggles when you are ready to swim can leave you on the sidelines. However, keeping them clean is not difficult.

Can cleaning swim goggles vary by goggle type?

No matter the size or shape of your swim goggles you should avoid touching the lens if it has an anti-fog coating. (They should all have an anti-fog coating to ensure clear visibility while swimming.) If for some reason your swim  goggle does not have that anti-fog coating you may use the same type of designated cloth to clean the lens as you would your eyeglasses. We recommend getting the anti-fog  replaced on your swim goggles as soon as possible for best vision. Check out our FAQ guide for swim goggle care.

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