How do you Defog ski goggles?

How do you Defog ski goggles?

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One of the biggest problems skiers and snowboarders encounter out on the slopes is fogged up ski goggles. Unfortunately, the body heat of the individual wearing the ski goggles can steam up ski goggles and prevent visibility. Fogging in ski goggles defeats the purpose of wearing ski goggles because it worsens visibility. Ski goggles are supposed to improve visibility by blocking precipitation and other small particles from making contact with the eyes and making it hard to see.

If you're a skier or snowboarder who has struggled with fogged up ski goggles in the past, you need to do some research to find out how to remedy the problem. There are a few different defogging options you'll want to consider to find the option that's best for you.

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The following are four of the main strategies that are used to deal with fogging up goggles:

Ski Goggle Anti-fog wipes and sprays

The most basic technique for dealing with fogging issues with ski goggles is applying anti-fog wipes to the ski goggles or wiping goggles off with anti-fog wipe products. These sprays and wipes help prevent fogging with substances such as rubbing alcohol and certain detergents that reduce the attraction of water molecules to one another.

While applying these products can often temporarily be effective at dealing with and preventing goggle fog, eventually these products evaporate so that they are no longer effective. This makes it so that more effective means of controlling fog are necessary.

Ski Goggle coating

When they are manufactured, ski goggles should be coated with a substance that helps to prevent fogging by absorbing moisture. It's not only important to make sure that your ski goggles have a no-fog coating, but it's also important that you know how to care for this coating so that you avoid damaging it.

You should never wipe your goggle surface when it is wet because this can remove the anti-fog coating. Instead, wait to clean your lens until it dries. This will both protect the coating and prevent scratches on your lens.

Ski Goggle Ventilation

High quality ski goggles should include some ventilation features that help to deal with fogging. Fogging occurs because warm air becomes trapped within the ski goggles. If this air can escape thanks to vents, fogging will be less of an issue.

Do some research on your ski goggles before purchasing them and make sure that they have a venting system built in. Also, make sure that you don't accidentally block these vents while you're skiing or snowboarding. Don't let snow or any other debris block these vents to make sure your goggle ventilation feature is working effectively.

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Ski Goggles With Electronic defogging features

The most high-tech anti-fogging features ski goggles can have is an electronic defogging system. Such a system will typically work a lot like the defrost feature on vehicle windows works.

An electronic defogging system controls the temperature over the surface of the lens. By manipulating the temperature, the system can completely get rid of fog and prevent it before it develops when the system is turned on.

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