How Do You Protect an Anti-Reflective Lens Coating?

How Do You Protect an Anti-Reflective Lens Coating?

Posted by Goggles N More on 1st Jun 2020

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You have invested a lot in your vision and it is important for you to protect this investment. This is particularly true if you have purchased a pair of  prescription glasses with an added anti-reflective lens coating. This coating is great because it will make your eyes look better to the outside world while also making it easier for you to see outside and at night. At the same time, there are a few measures that you need to take to make sure that this coating and the rest of your eyeglasses are protected. By thinking about these tips ahead of time, you can prevent a disaster from unfolding in the future.

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Rinse the Glasses Prior to Cleaning

While it might not be convenient for you to find a water source every time you need to rinse off your glasses, it is important for you to rinse them before cleaning them. Always rinse the lenses before you wipe them down. If there is a tiny particle of either dust or dirt, this has to be removed before the lenses are wiped down. If the lenses are wiped with this particle on top of the lens, this is going to be incredibly abrasive. This will cause the coating to scratch, which is disheartening. Never wipe the lens down before rinsing it first. This will increase the longevity of the coating and the lenses.

Choose Your Eyeglass Cleaning Spray Carefully

Instead of using water, many people elect to go with a chemical spray instead. There is nothing wrong with this spray as long as it has been specifically designed to clean both eyeglass lenses and the coating on top. There are plenty of options when it comes to finding a chemical spray for eyeglasses. Just make sure to read the package and ensure that it is appropriate.

There are many people who elect to use a household cleaner such as Windex instead. Never use these to clean eyeglasses and certainly do not use them on lenses that have a coating on them of any kind, including the anti-reflective lens coating. These household cleaners have ammonia in them which make them effective cleaners but they will destroy any coating that is on the lenses!

Select the Cloth You Clean Your Glasses With Cautiously

If you want to wipe down your eyeglasses after spraying them with an (appropriate) solution, that is fine. Just make sure to use the right cloth. There are cloths that have been made specifically to take care of lenses and coatings. Use them. Do not use napkins, tissues, paper towels, or shirttails. All of these fabrics have been textured to some degree. This texture is going to scratch the lenses and destroy the coating. Furthermore, these fabrics probably have dust or dirt on them. This will be transferred to the lenses in the process, adding to the issue.

Store Your Glasses Properly

Finally, also make sure the glasses are stored properly when they are not in use. This will protect both the lenses and the coating. Make sure to use a specified glasses case. This will protect the glasses from getting covered in dust or dirt. If a strong case is too bulky, then go with microfiber pouches instead. This type of pouch is also great for glasses that do not leave the nightstand. Never leave the glasses out in the open when they are not being worn. This is a great way to get the glasses crushed, scratched, or dirty. While some people like to leave their glasses in the open because they think they will lose them otherwise, this is simply a bad habit that must be avoided.

Superior Protection for Eyeglass Products from Goggles N’ More

These are a few of the tips that everyone should follow when it comes to taking care of an anti-reflective lens coating. These coatings are expensive investments and they need to be protected. At Goggles N’ More, we are proud of the selection that we provide to our customers. We work hard to leverage our connections throughout the industry to make sure that everyone is provided with the latest ocular products the industry has to offer. Contact us today to learn more!

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