How Do You Protect Your Prescription Sports Glasses?

How Do You Protect Your Prescription Sports Glasses?

When participating in most sports, being able to see clearly is essential. However, those who require corrective lenses might find themselves distracted from the activity due to concerns about not breaking their glasses. Prescription eyeglasses can be fairly costly, especially for those who have transition lenses and designer label frames.

Beyond replacement costs, there are additional risks to wearing regular daily wear eyeglasses during sports. If you are hit by a solid object such as a ball, shattered lenses could damage your eyes. If a fall occurs, the nosepiece could also cause injury to the bridge of the nose. None of these situations are good ones. Yet, a solid solution for sporting enthusiasts that need vision correction is to wear prescription sports goggles or prescription sports glasses to protect their daily glasses.

Prescription Sports Glasses: The #1 Way to Protect Glasses

Even wearing prescription glasses on a band or string around the neck can be risky during sports like ball games, swimming, skiing, jogging, and others involving vigorous motion or moving objects. Rather than taking chances while also struggling to keep glasses on your face, there are several options for prescription sports eyewear and evennon-prescription and prescription sports glasses and sports goggles geared towards athletes and more active people.

Don’t give up the sports you love or miss out on the action due to fear of losing or breaking your glasses! We have stylish wrap-around sports glasses and sunglasses that can correct vision while protecting the eyes from debris, dirt, sand, and flying objects. These fit snuggly around the head and are both comfortable and functional.

Whether you're nearsighted, farsighted, or require astigmatism correction, wrap-around prescription sports glasses also covers the sides of the eyes and can enhance peripheral vision, depth perception, and may even be able to reduce your reaction time. Those who love snow and water sports like skiing, snorkeling, or swimming are best suited to prescription sports goggles to keep their vision clear. We even have options sized to fit kids!

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How to Protect & Store Sports Goggles and Sports Glasses

After going through the effort of finding the perfect pair of prescription sports goggles or glasses, taking care of them properly is vital to keep them in functional condition for a long time. Even non-prescription sports glasses deserve to be protected when not in use, and here are a few ways to ensure they stay in good shape and are ready to use when you need them.

Rinse & Clean Before Storing Glasses

Sporting activities can result in filmy layers of dirt or sweat, which should be removed before putting sports glasses and goggles away. Rinse them with water before using a spray cleaner or cloth that can smear dirt particles and cause scratches on the lenses. Allow them to air dry if possible.

Wipe Sports Glasses Off Gently

After rinsing and allowing the glasses to dry, use a soft, clean, lint-free cloth to wipe them down, paying extra attention to the lenses. This removes any smudges or water spots that may remain from the cleaning process. Avoid using textured materials like clothing or paper towels that can transfer dirt or scratch the lenses.

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How to Properly Store Prescription Sports Glasses

When you're not wearing your prescription sports glasses, avoid the temptation to toss them in your athletic bag or set them down where they might get damaged. You will want to keep them in a protective case to prevent them from getting broken, scratched, bent or dirty. In addition to hard-shell cases, microfiber pouches may be best suited for some types of prescription sports goggles and is a bit less bulky than a hard case.

Get Your Prescription Sports Goggles

We have a team of technicians, optometrists, and eyewear professionals who craft and custom-make prescription sports goggles and glasses. Our M2P branded sports eyewear is designed to give sports lovers all the protection their eyes need while giving those who require vision correction the clearest vision possible. If you needprescription swimming goggles, prescription sports glasses, diving masks, prescription goggle inserts, or other sports glasses, Goggles N More has you—and your eyes—covered!

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