How Long Should Swimming Goggles Last?

How Long Should Swimming Goggles Last?

Posted by Goggles N More on 9th Aug 2019

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It varies depending on the frequency of use, exposure to chemicals, salt or UV and the materials the swimming  goggles are made from (e.g. whether they are UV stabilized or not). However, the most important thing you can do to prolong the life of your swimming goggles is to rinse them with clean, fresh water thoroughly then air-dry them after use.

One of the most important pieces of equipment, when someone goes swimming, is the pair of  swimming goggles. This can dramatically impact someone's ability to see underwater, making a tremendous difference in the experience. Of course, swimming goggles also range widely in their price point and this leads many people to ask how long their pair of swimming goggles should last. This is a tough question to answer and is dependent on a number of different factors.

How Often are the Goggles Used?

One of the key factors that will play a role in how long the goggles last is how long they are used. The more often the goggles are used, the faster they are going to wear out. For example, someone who swims competitively is going to wear out their goggles more quickly than someone who only swims a few times during the summer. The more often the goggles are stretched over the face, the faster the equipment is going to wear out and the sooner one of the pieces might break. Think about how often these goggles are going to be used.

How Long are the Goggles Used For?

In addition to the number of times that the  swimming goggles are applied and removed, it also matters how long the goggles are on the face. The more time the goggles spend underwater, the faster the lenses are going to start to wear out. The water could also start to degrade other parts of the goggles, such as the nose-piece or the strap. Someone who has a four-hour swim practice six times per week is going to go through the goggles much faster than someone who only swims for an hour or two when the weather is warm. With proper care, the life of the swimming goggles can be extended.

Taking Proper Care of the Goggles Will Matter

In order to extend the life of the swimming goggles, there are several tips that everyone should follow. Some of the most important tips include:

Allow the Swimming Goggles to Dry: 

First, it is very important for everyone to allow their goggles to air dry completely after they have been used. Rinse the goggles with fresh water and then allow them to air dry. If the goggles are able to dry completely, this will prevent the growth of mold and bacteria that will impact the vision through the lenses.

Store the Goggles in a Safe Place: 

Next, make sure that the pair of swimming goggles are stored in a safe place. Think about using a glasses case or a sunglasses case. With proper storage, the lenses are protected from being scratched. This will extend their life.

Replacement Parts are Key: 

In addition, many goggles will come with replacement parts for the particularly vulnerable pieces of the swimming goggles. For example, many people will elect to replace the plastic strap with a bungee cord. This is far easier to adjust and is more durable than the plastic strap. Furthermore, the nose piece is often the first part of the swimming goggles to break. Many goggles with come with replacement nose pieces for this very purpose. This can dramatically extend the life of the goggles.

The Exposure of the Goggles

Whether or not the goggles are exposed to fresh water or salt water is going to matter. Salt and chemicals can degrade certain brands of swimming goggles more quickly. Some brands are more durable than others. This is another reason why rinsing the pair of swimming goggles with fresh water after use can extend their life.

Extending the Longevity of Swimming Goggles

Ultimately, most people should get at least a year of use out of their swimming goggles before they need to be replaced. With proper care of the swimming goggles, they may even last much longer than this. This allows someone to save money that would otherwise be spent replacing their pair of goggles. Make sure to take proper care of the goggles to make sure that they last as long as they should.

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