Learning How To Kiteboard

Posted by Goggles n More on 31st Oct 2014

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Kiteboarding is a fun and exciting sport that combines the fundamentals of surfing with the power of the wind. Instead of using waves to generate your speed and momentum, you'll use the wind via a kite (hence the name). This adds a fun new element that's characterized by faster speeds, higher vertical jumps, and greater maneuverability.

Experienced kiteboarders make this sport look easy, but you'll quickly realize this isn't the case. Like most things in life, though, practice, dedication and hard work will allow you to excel. If you're interested in learning more about kiteboarding, keep reading and we'll reveal where to start.

Watch Some Kiteboarders In Action

The first thing you should do is check out some experienced kiteboarders in action. Hopefully you live near a beach where you can see people gliding through the waves first-hand. If you aren't able to make it to the beach, you can check out video clips on YouTube or other video-sharing websites. Not only will this give you an idea of what the sport is like, but you'll probably hear some helpful commentary from experienced kiteboarders as well, so don't underestimate the learning value of online videos.

Necessary Kiteboarding Equipment

You'll need to pick up a few items before you can begin kiteboarding. Hopefully you have some money set aside for this equipment, because the cost of just a basic kiteboarding setup can run upwards of $1,000. You have to think of it as an investment that's going to offer you countless years of use. Other sports like golf require players to continuously purchase new equipment and pay for golfing outings, which can quickly burn through your budget.

A basic kiteboarding setup consists of a board, kite, bar, lines and harness. When you're first learning the ropes, it's recommended that you stick with a smaller kite that isn't going to pick you up and send you flying 50+ feet into the air when there's a strong gust of wind.

Invest In Lessons

Now that you have your kiteboard, you're probably eager to jump in the water and get started. Check the phone books and Internet for a kiteboarding school around your area. They'll be able to show you exactly what you need to do and what you're doing wrong. Just remember to listen closely to what the instructor says and don't give up. It may take a dozen or more trips to the beach before you're able to successfully control yourself on a kiteboard, but dedication and persistence are the keys to success.

Once you've learned the basics of kiteboarding from a skilled instructor, you can take your equipment to the beach for some independent test runs. Through trial and error, you'll eventually learn the ropes of this trending new watersport.