​Prescription Sports Glasses for Tennis

​Prescription Sports Glasses for Tennis

Posted by Goggles N More on 10th Apr 2020

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Even though tennis sunglasses and sports glasses might not defend against a vicious serve or wicked slice, they can protect someone’s eyes while also controlling glare. When it comes to sunglasses and sports glasses for tennis, there are a few important factors that every player should consider. Thinking about these factors ahead of time will help everyone find  sunglasses and sports glasses for tennis that are right for them.

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The Weight of the Sports Glasses for Tennis

One of the most important factors that people often overlook is the weight of the sports glasses or sunglasses. Tennis is a sport that requires people to rapidly changing direction. As someone is moving out of the forehand and backhand corners after every shot while remaining on his or her toes to get up to the drop shot, extra weight is going to make a difference. Therefore, sports glasses for tennis need to remain light. Light sports glasses will allow the player to remain light on his or her feet. This will make a difference in someone’s game.

The Grip of the Tennis Sports Glasses

The grip of the sports glasses for tennis will make a difference as well. Players need to make sure that the sunglasses are going to stay in place during play. After all, if the sunglasses fall off the face, it might be an equipment violation, leading to a point penalty!

In order to find tennis sports glasses that have a firm grip, it is important to look at both the temples and the nose region. On certain sports glasses there are small pads that will grip the nose and the side of the head. This grip is important because it will keep the sunglasses from falling off when striking a serve or running from side to side. This stability is a key factor in finding the right tennis sunglasses.

You can also find sports glasses with an optional strap conversion. The head strap will secure your sports glasses to your head in a comfortable way and leave you feeling secure so you won't need to worry about your sports glasses moving during play. 

The Wraparound Feature of Tennis Sports Glasses

This is one of the most important parts of looking for sunglasses for tennis. This wraparound feature is important. During a single shot, it is not unusual for the ball to pass through someone’s entire field of view. If the ball passes from a part of the visual field that is not covered by the lens into an area that is covered by the lens, this is going to cause the ball to change its appearance. This will make it hard to track.

Therefore, try to find wraparound sunglasses lenses. Wraparound lenses are going to cover the entire court. This will make it easier to track the ball as it passes from one side of the court to the other.

The Contrast of the Lenses in Sports Glasses

It is important for tennis players to find sports glasses that are going to make it easier to see the ball. One of the ways in which sports glasses will do this is by heightening the contrast. In order to heighten contrast on the tennis court, the ball needs to “pop” against the color of the court itself. This is where amber lenses are going to come into play.

Amber and copper lenses are among the most popular choices for tennis players. This allows the green ball to pop out from the background. In addition to spotting the ball, tennis players need to be able to read the spin of the shot. Topspin shots are completely different from slices and drop shots. The quicker the player spots the type of shot, the faster he or she can react to the ball.

The Durability of the Sports Glasses for Tennis is Key

Finally, it is also important for tennis players to find sunglasses and sports glasses that are going to be durable. Ideally, they should have a shatter-resistant quality. Tennis sunglasses are prone to being taken on and off quickly as the conditions change. They might even get tossed into a tennis bag. Over time, these sports glasses are going to be exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Therefore, added durability and shatter resistance can go a long way.

Find the Right Tennis Sports Glasses

These are only a few of the most important factors that people need to remember when looking for the right tennis sunglasses. There are lots of options when it comes to tennis sports glasses and goggles. Be sure to take a look at all of the options available.

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