Prescription Sports Goggles For Wrestling: Finding the Right Option

Prescription Sports Goggles For Wrestling: Finding the Right Option

Posted by Goggles N More on 9th Oct 2020

It wasn't that long ago that athletes didn’t wear any eye protection at all. Now, times have changed. It has become clear how important it is to take care of the eyes while playing sports. Furthermore, as sports have become more competitive and demanding, clear vision has become essential. For those who wrestle, they might find themselves in the position of needing prescription eyewear.

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Prescription Sports Glasses vs. Prescription Sports Goggles

There are two options that people can consider when it comes to protective, prescription eyewear while wrestling. The first is prescription sports glasses while the second is prescription sports goggles. It is important to consider why someone might need this type of vision correction, how to choose the right option, and what some of the benefits might be.

Signs a Wrestler May Have Vision Loss

For kids who wrestle, the signs that protective or corrective eyewear might be required are not necessarily going to be found on the wrestling mat. Some of these signs that an athlete might require corrective eyewear include:

  • They are having more frequent headaches
  • They appear to be tired during the day
  • Their school performance is suffering
  • They complain that they cannot see the board
  • Parents and friends are noticing that they are squinting a lot or making unusual movements with their eyes
  • Teachers, doctors, and coaches are saying that the child might require glasses

It is important to note that not all children or athletes will speak up when they need corrective lenses. They are often worried that people might make fun of them or make them somehow different from their peers. Therefore, everyone needs to remain vigilant.

Comparing Sports Goggles to Sports Glasses

Two of the options they have for correcting their vision include sports glasses and sports goggles for those who wrestle. It is important to understand the differences between the two. First, if given a choice, most kids are going to go with sports glasses. It is possible to tailor sports glasses to look like sunglasses. Therefore, many kids are going to think that this is more stylish. At the same time, sports glasses might not be the answer when it comes to wrestling.

There are several reasons why sports glasses might fall short when it comes to wrestling. First, sports glasses are much easier to knock off or fall off in the face when compared to sports goggles, with a full, all-the-way-around headband to secure them to the head. Second, sports glasses tend to have smaller viewing areas than sports goggles, which tend to be a bit bigger in size. Sports goggles tend to have cushion padding around the temples. Therefore, if someone gets smacked on the side of the head, the impact will get absorbed at least partially by such padding on sports goggles.

Therefore, when it comes to wrestling, Sports goggles are usually preferred. When it comes to sports goggles for wrestling, there are several key points to note.

Finding the Right Pair of Prescription Sports Goggles

When people are looking for sports goggles for wrestling, it is important to take the time to find the right pair. The most important factor to keep in mind when looking for sports goggles is to make sure the prescription is correct. A visit to an eye doctor can help parents and children make sure they have the right prescription for their needs. Once they know what prescription they need for their sports goggles, they also need to make sure the sports goggles will fit their faces and stay on their heads. Using an adjustable strap, such as a bungee cord or similar device, sports goggles will stay in place even during a strenuous activity like wrestling.

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