Prescription Swim Goggles and Waterproof Phone Pouches

Prescription Swim Goggles and Waterproof Phone Pouches

Posted by Goggles N More on 30th Jun 2020

Goggles N More is a great place to find prescription swim goggles for kids and adults that come either fully customizable to match your precise prescription or pre-made to suit your short sighted or far sighted needs. Prescription swim goggles that match your exact prescription for each eye and can correct for astigmatism are a must-have for anyone who loves the water. These custom made-to-prescription swim goggles come in a variety of colors and lens color options and tints as well

Paddle boarding, kayaking, boating, or just having fun on the water are summer pastimes enjoyed by many. Fuglies floating sunglasses pair perfectly with your paddleboard, kayak, or any other water adventure. Check out the options available for swim goggles or sunglasses beyond custom prescriptions. Lens colors and mirror coatings can make a huge difference, especially when you are on the water.

When your company has a focus on water adventures and products you find other brands and products that just seem like a good fit. If you want to add some additional swimming pool and water fun, check out these great products we have discovered for you.

Waterproof Phone and Tablet Cases

At ugo wear “Just Add Water” isn’t just a motto it is living life on or in the water and is the ugo™ way to adventure. The ugo™ phone and tablet packs are the perfect accessory for summer days by the pool or on the lakes or rivers. ugo wear has found some great products from people who also live their lives in and on the water - whether you choose to find your fun on the water with a stand up paddle board, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, fishing, jet skiing, pool parties, or just lounging by the pool, check out these great products we found for you to check out that go hand-in-hand with the ugo™ lifestyle. 

With water sports comes more splashing and ugo wear allows that to be a worry free day of fun.

ugo™ Signature Collection Phone 2.0 - waterproof phone case

ugo 2.0 waterproof phone case

Designed to go where you go and carry just what you need, the new and improved ugo™ Phone 2.0 dry bag featuring our uZIP™ technology is small in size but big in functionality! Not only waterproof, ugo™ floats and fitting all sized smartphones, use yours without removing it from the bag and there’s plenty of room for your keys, cash, cards, passport, and medications. The perfect accessory for your next adventure keeping you and your gear safe because if you don’t protect you can’t connect! Fits all phones.

ugo™ wear Signature Collection Tablet and Tablet XL 

Nothing compares to the reliability and functionality of the 100% waterproof ugo™ Tablet and ugo™Tablet XL

that floats featuring ugo uZIP™ zipper technology. With two options that fit tablets up to 11” or 13”, you can access apps, watch a movie or read a book, and even sign documents without removing it from the case. So whether you are going to work, going ashore, going to the beach, or headed to the cabin, we’ll keep your electronics safe and protected from the elements!

The spacious interior allows you to carry more than one electronic item, important documents, and extra chargers. The hook-and-loop panel lets you organize those essential items for easy retrieval and the inside zipper pocket provides additional storage. The included adjustable hand and shoulder straps along with the hypalon anchors allow you to wear, hold and even clip ugo™ and go!

Signature Collection TABLET

Signature Collection TABLET XL

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