Racquetball Starter Kit

Racquetball Starter Kit

Posted by Goggles N More on 16th Apr 2019

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Every year people make resolutions to change something about their lives. Some people will want to lose weight while other people will want to get more active. There is no better way to get active than to get involved in playing racquetball. The sport is one that gets people moving in a number of different ways while at the same time trying to hit a rubber ball with a racquet. The sport moves along so fast that at one game there were speed guns used to determine the speed that the ball was traveling at various times. The ball was recorded to have traveled at around 200 miles mph. If you are looking to get active playing racquetball, then there are some things that you will want to know and have before starting this sport.

Racquetball Starter Kit

What You Need in Order to Play

Having the right information is very valuable when you start something new. There are three pieces of equipment that is needed in order to start playing racquetball. You will need a racquetball, a racquet designed for the sport, and do not forget the protective eye gear. In most cases, if you forget either one of these three pieces of equipment, there is a good chance that you will not be allowed to participate in the sport.

The eye goggles are an important piece of equipment since it is the one piece designed solely for safety. A ball traveling at speeds of 200 mph can do a significant amount of damage to an eye upon contact. The eye goggles should at least be shatter-resistant. This means that if the ball hits the glass of the goggles, then it will not break and send pieces of glass into your eyes.

Eye injuries can be as simple as a scratch or more serious such as an abrasion or even permanent loss of eye sight. Safety googles are an important part of keeping yourself safe while playing the sport. Failure to wear the protective eye gear can lead to permanent consequences.

The racquet used to play racquetball is essentially similar to a tennis racquet. However, a tennis racquet is longer to assist in a longer reach. A racquet used in racquetball is shorter and more versatile than a normal tennis racquet. The shorter frame allows the player to move the racquet at greater speeds while being in a confined space. Racquets vary in color and design so it is essential that you find one that works for you.

The ball is really the last piece of equipment needed to play racquetball. Not any ball can be used to play with. The ball is about half the size of a tennis ball, but is made of rubber. The ball is slightly heavier than that of a tennis ball and moves at greater speeds. It is designed to bounce off of walls and racquets as it is hit in a variety of directions. The ball comes mostly in a blue color, but there are other colors available.

Other Racquetball Essentials

The sport is one that can be played inside or outdoors. In order to fully enjoy the sport, consider adding these essential pieces to your equipment bag.

Do not for get the shoes. People starting out in the sport will be able to use their normal gym shoes. But you will soon find that the wooden floors that you play on can become slippery. You will want shoes that provide you with traction and grip. This will enable you to change direction in a quick time frame.

Put on the gloves. Gloves are a bonus as they will help you from developing blisters from the racquet. Gloves also help you grip the racquet better so it does not slip around in your had. They come in all sorts of sizes and designs.

If you are looking for your next piece of equipment like eye protection goggles, then check out our webstie today. We offer a wide range of products to help you with your game. You will find goggles that are suited for you.

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