Stylish Kids Prescription Glasses for Back to School Classes

Stylish Kids Prescription Glasses for Back to School Classes

Posted by Goggles N More on 2nd Aug 2022

The beginning of the new school year is a great time to update your kids prescription glasses to reflect their current style, size, and of course clearer vision.

Current Trends for Kids Prescription Glasses This Fall 2022

  • Bright Colors - Kids' frames can come in a variety of bold and bright colors so if your child wants to stand out or has a favorite shade they will be on trend with the bold choice.
  • Patterns - Plaid, stripes, polka dots, oh my! Your child can pick from a variety of patterns and look great through the school year because patterns are in with stripes leading the pack in sales.
  • Mini Scholar - There are options available that make a child look ready to study in the dark corners of an Ivey League University. Those days may be years away but if your child is into the look there are many trending options that will fit the style.
  • Tortoiseshell - Rethink the retro tortoiseshell with designs that use the classic pattern but a variety of new colors to bring the idea up to date. These can range from bright patterns that contrast to the classic blend.
  • Professional Kids - Along the same theme of the mini scholar the professional-looking glasses will have your kid feeling ready to turn their lemon aid stand into a chain and negotiate territory, or at least look like they are. These come in dark colors including jet black and a variety of frame shapes.

Look For These Features in Kids Prescription Glasses

  • Durability - The main feature many parents look for is its durability. After all, it can be difficult for a child to remember to always put their glasses safely in the case when not in use, and kids, in general, are known to play hard and put their glasses in precarious situations.
  • Comfort - All eyewear should be comfortable but when it comes to getting children to wear their required glasses comfort is even more important because they will take the glasses off if they do not fit absolutely perfectly.
  • Personalization - From choosing their own color, shape, and even engraving if possible anything you can do to make the child's glasses unique to them may increase the child's pride in them and chances of wearing them as they should even when they are away from you.

Back to School Kids Prescription Glasses

Update Your Child's RX for the First Day of School

If your child has not had a recent eye exam it is a good idea to schedule one to update their prescription in time for a new school year. Children's vision can change drastically in just a few months and starting the school year with a prescription that is even slightly off can put your child at a disadvantage. Update their prescription and fashion lenses all at once for the best school year ever.

You Can Order Your Kids Prescription Glasses Online, Easily

You can order kids prescription glasses online as easily as you can purchase them at your local optometrist, without leaving the comfort of your home or feeling rushed as you shop.

Once you get your specific prescription ordering fashion lenses from our site is as easy as identifying the type of prescription you have (type one or two) and then filling out the form. If you have any difficulties or questions we are happy to help you and ensure that your online prescription glasses shopping is as simple and straightforward as possible.

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