Taking Extra Care of your Eyes in Cold Weather

Posted by Goggles n More on 6th Nov 2016

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Skiing season is basically here and the cold weather is slowly creeping in across the country. One major thing to start taking care of during extreme temperatures is your eyes. Harsh weather conditions can affect our eyes, either by irritating them or drying them out. It’s always important to take care of your eyes, but it’s especially important to do so during conditions when they are most susceptible. Here we’ve come up with some steps you can take in order to better protect your eyes from the upcoming cold weather.

Wear Sunglasses

When people think about sunglasses they usually relate them to the summertime, when the sun’s at its brightest, but wearing sunglasses protects your eyes from UV rays which affect us 365 days a year. Even on ski trips, when it's cold and you're surrounded by snow, the sun's rays can still sunburn you and the reflections off all the white surfaces can also damage your eyes. Sunglasses also protect your eyes from cold winter winds, which can also dry up your eyes, as well as from snow, rain or any other harsh weather conditions you could be facing during the colder months.

Avoid Eye Irritants

Cold weather makes us want to curl up near a fire or any other heat source to warm up. Although this makes us feel warm and cozy, these indoor heat sources can dry out your eyes very quickly. The problem with indoor heating is that it takes the moisture out of the air, drying up your eyes. If you’re going to be around heat sources that produce smoke, such as a campfire, it’s important not to get too close, because this smoke can irritate your eyes and leave them feeling dry.

Keep your eyes hydrated (eyedrops)

During the winter months we tend to drink less water. However, it’s crucial to stay hydrated during this time of the year as you would when it’s hot outside. Our bodies are about 60% water so it’s important to always stay hydrated, you’ll see a difference from your skin to your health and even your eyes. If you are staying hydrated and notice that your eyes are still feeling dry, keep some eyedrops in hand, which will help lubricate your eyes, reducing discomfort and clearing up your vision, which is ultra important if you’ll be hitting the slopes on a ski trip.

Consider Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts

Wearing glasses under goggles can get clunky as the arms of the glasses discourages a good seal between the goggles and your face; not to mention if they fog up while inside your goggles, it’ll be extra challenging to clean them off. While some skiers who require prescription eyewear prefer contact lenses to glasses, others prefer the freedom of not having to bring all the contact lens cleaning liquids/gear with them and not having to put up with wearing a pair of glasses beneath their goggles. This is where prescription goggle inserts come in as they offer vision correction, convenience and comfort at the same time. These prescription ski goggle inserts are universal, therefore they can be used in practically any goggles for skiing, motocross, snowboarding, or any other alpine sport that you’d need goggles for. Sound visibility is especially important during situations where you’re in unfamiliar and at times, dangerous terrain; your eyes become crucial for your performance. 

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