The Importance of Eye Protection

The Importance of Eye Protection

Posted by Goggles N More on 10th Mar 2019

We use our eyes every day to view our surroundings and help us navigate the areas we frequent. Failing to take proper care of the eyes can lead to the possibility of injuries that could cause damage to vision or to the composition of these important body parts. Here is some information about the importance of using eye protection to keep your eyes in the best possible shape at all times.

Importance of Eye Protection

Protect Your Eyes From Harmful Rays

Ultraviolet rays are emitted from the sun. They are not only present on extremely bright days, but can also peek through when clouds are present. It is important to protect your eyes from UV rays as they can cause permanent damage to your vision. If you spend an extended time period outdoors, UV rays could lead to difficulties like macular degeneration, cataracts, and temporary vision loss conditions. If you have low levels of vitamin C in your body, you are more at risk for retinal damage.

Sunglasses with UV ray protection will help to block harmful light from getting to your eyes. It is important to select a wraparound style or a pair of total coverage goggles with ultraviolet blocking protection. Standard sunglasses still allow for ultraviolet rays to get to the eyes around the periphery areas of the lenses.

Take Time To Avoid Eye Strain

When your eyes become tired from using them intensely for long duration's of time, such as when looking at lit monitors or driving for long distances, a variety of symptoms may occur. You may notice your eyes feel sore and they may have an itching or burning sensation. Many people have light sensitivity issues when eye strain is an issue.

If you strain your eyes to see computer monitors, cellular devices, or other illuminated screens, it is likely that in time you will notice your vision is not as crisp and clear. You may suffer from headaches. It is best to take frequent breaks when there is a need for monitor usage.

Keep Eyes Safe During Strenuous Activity

If you engage in any sort of sporting activity or exercise, protecting your eyes is a must. Unfortunately, many people do not adhere to this practice, suffering from eye injuries as a result. Believe it or not, basketball tops the list regarding the sport where most eye injuries are incurred. Whether you play basketball, football, or volleyball, eye protection in the form of sporting goggles will not only protect your eyes adequately from impact activities but will also provide you with a barrier against harmful UV rays. Those who require prescription vision correction have the ability to leave their regular glasses at home if they opt for goggles with prescription lenses. These are great tools for any type of sporting activity, as goggles are created to cover the entire portion of each eye, allowing for full coverage prescription strength vision correction.

Whether you need a prescription or not, opt for safety goggles whenever a sporting or exercising activity is imminent. Safety goggles made from poly-carbonate offer impact resistant lenses to protect your eyes.

Safeguard Your Eyes On The Job

Eye protection is not just necessary when you are outdoors, exercising, or being involved in a sport. If you use heavy machinery or computerized equipment on the job, the wearing of goggles keeps you safe. If you are the boss, provide each of your employees with safety goggles to keep eyes safe from flying debris, protected from light, and less likely to suffer from any type of impact caused by the job. If you are an employee, and your manager does not have goggles available for you or your coworkers, consider requesting that this safety feature is added to your protective actions to keep the chance of potential injuries on the job at a minimal.

A loss of work time due to an eye injury means a loss of productivity in the workplace. To help keep a business from losing money, opting to use protective eye gear will reduce down-time, the potential for worker's compensation monies lost, and increased morale. Each employee deserves to be protected with safety goggles when potential dangerous workplace situations put their vision and eye health at risk.

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