​Top 12 Bike Trails You Should Visit Soon

Posted by Goggles n More on 5th May 2015

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Top 12 Bike Trails You Should Visit Soon

If you’re a biking connoisseur, there’s a high possibility that you have already trekked through some breath taking bike trails. There’s a higher possibility that you’re still missing out on legendary trails that every thrill seeker should add to his or her bucket list. Are you ready to explore? Go grab your wheels, helmet, sports glasses or sports goggles and start pedaling through the top 12 epic bike trails nestled within all your favorite destinations.

1. Mountain Hero – Canada

Through the rugged Yukon hills to the old mining roads of Montana Mountain, you’ll see why this 17-mile long trail was recently inducted by the IMBA’s into the “Epic Trails” category.

2. Kerr Scott Trail – USA

This North Carolina purpose-built single track has gone from a short 10-mile trail to now an over 35-mile long flowing trail that most who have ridden it say will give you the same thrill as an epic roller coaster ride.

3. Rattling Creek – USA

If you’re game for the challenge of some very rocky terrain, grab your bike goggles and head here. With over 20 miles stretching along central Pennsylvania, riders are sure to appreciate the subtle flow that has been built into this single track.

4. The Friendship Highway – China

If you’re looking for some great views of turquoise waters all while in the shadow of Mount Everest, this trail should be first on your list. Be prepared for extreme trail conditions, high elevations and undoubtedly an unforgettable thrill.

5. Shimanami Kaido – Japan

A 40-mile long paved trail that blissfully snakes across a series of small, serene islands in Hiroshima is the perfect way to spend a day of biking. Breathtaking views and great climate, what more could you want?

6. La Ruta de los Conquistadores – Costa Rica

A route traced by Juan de Cavallon, the 16th century Spanish conqueror this trail guides bikers through endless natural wonders of Costa Rica.

7. Munda Biddi Trail – Australia

From Perth to Albany, bikers are taken through the lush forestlands of the country complete with challenging river crossings and winding green pathways.

8. South Downs Way – England

Don’t be deceived by the beautifully serene English countryside hills; this 99-mile long trail has its own challenges and tricks along the way.

9. Monarch Crest Trail – USA

Take in the best views of scenic Colorado over the 30-mile long trail that takes riders to an elevation of over 11,000 feet.

10. Ruta Austral – Chile

An 810-mile long trail that is mostly unpaved will take you from Puerto Montt in Chile to northern Pattagonia with unsurpassed views along the way.

11. Sandy Ridge Trails – USA

Just outside of Portland, this short 7-mile trail will have you descending fast and swift in no time. This trail will challenge you and get your blood pumping.

12. Paradise Royal – USA

A 14-mile loop in northern California that consists of 19 switchbacks and a long descent will have you gripping your handle bars giving you that thrill you’ve been dying for.