Top 3 Must Pack Items for your Next Ski Trip

Posted by Goggles n More on 19th Oct 2016

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Must Pack Items for your Next Ski Trip

Winter is fast approaching and with that comes the beginning of Ski Season. Anyone that enjoys alpine sports such as skiing or snowboarding knows the importance of safety when performing these sports. If you’re prepping for an upcoming ski trip, there are plenty of things to shop for such as warm clothing, protective gear and snow-shoes. To make your ski trip better we’ve come up with a list of the top 3 must haves for any ski trip.

The Equipment for The Terrain

Depending on whether you plan on going skiing, snowboarding, skating, whatever you reason for going on a ski trip you need the right equipment for the terrain. When shopping for equipment keep in mind the weather conditions you’ll be facing, how you like to ski and where you’ll be skiing. Also take into consideration your own physical factors, i.e your height, weight, and your ability, this will affect the length of your skis.

Prescription Ski Goggles (or Non Prescription)

One of the most important things to wear when skiing is ski goggles, which protect your eyes while you’re skiing, as well as improving visibility to keep you from skiing into a tree, rocks, other skiers or a bear! For people that wear glasses or contacts and feel they always struggle when having to wear eye gear, there are prescription inserts specifically designed for ski goggles, converting your existing goggles into prescription eyewear. If you’re someone that wears glasses or contacts you know what a hassle is can be to have to wear these underneath a ski mask or goggles. This also helps with anyone whose eyes get irritated or dried out while wearing contacts in cold weather. Goggle inserts allow the user to have their prescription without the hassle, they sit inside your goggles without the use of uncomfortable temples found on regular glasses.

The Right Layers

When hitting the slopes, you’re going to be facing cold temperatures, but while being in motion you may feel hot if you’re wearing too many layers, that’s why the right layers are key. First you need an insulated base layer, this will be the layer closest to the body so it’s good to get something that will regulate your body temperature and wick away moisture. Your second layer should consist of something that will insulate your body temperature, an ideal fabric for this would be microfleece, which is lightweight and breathable, but provides warmth. Your final layer should consist of a good jacket that provides you with wind resistance. This jacket should also be snow and weather proof.

Of course there are a number of other things that you should take on your ski trip, from a helmet to snowshoes and snacks, but you should look at this as a guide to what your most basic essentials for any ski trip should be. Goggles N More also offers quality, anti-fog  ski and snowboard goggles, designed to comfortably fit over your prescription glasses.

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