Top 5 Bike-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

Top 5 Bike-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

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Cycling is a fantastic sport for all ages. It offers a superb physical workout for every fitness level and is perfect for enjoying as a group or solo sport. Bikes are great for gearing up and heading out on country trails, and they are also excellent for riding for health, fitness, and transportation in the city. The best cities for riding have implemented paths and transit systems that move cyclists along safely and easily, and they also possess a vibrant bike riding culture.

Top 5 Bike-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

Here are The Top 5 Bike-Friendly Cities in The U.S.

1. Seattle, Washington. Earning a 35/40 from, Seattle has implemented concrete buffers and cyclists can relax with lean rails at intersections while waiting for the cycling-specific signal to change. One example of the fun of cycling in Seattle is the Second Avenue protected bike lane that allows cyclists to travel on a protected bike lane from the Space Needle to Pioneer Square.

2. San Francisco, California. Safety 35/40. San Francisco has 10 protected bike lanes that span the city, which means approximately twenty miles of lanes, and they're implementing new ones with paint and plastic or moveable concrete barriers to create new protected bike lanes onto a street. Moveable barriers allow the community to try out new bike paths and to communicate on ways to improve them.

3. Fort Collins, Colorado. Safety 35/40. One of Fort Collins' strengths is that they have worked on creating pathways that move cyclists through the city easily and quickly via purpose-built multi-use paths that are designed with under-or-overpasses at most main street crossings so that cyclists seldom need to interact with autos. As a testimony to Fort Collin's success, the proportion of bike commuters is almost twice that of Seattle and San Francisco, the top two cyclist-friendly cities.

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Safety 34/40. With a magnificent system of green spaces, Minneapolis boasts miles of off-street pathways that wind through and connect these green spaces, creating a bike-friendly 20-30 mile-long path around the town. In 2016, Minneapolis implemented a complete streets' policy, and all new designs will prioritize in order of importance: pedestrians, cyclists, buses, and cars. They are also replacing plastic bollards and posts with planters and concrete curbs.

5. Portland, Oregon. Safety 34/40. Portland is planning to build 24.4 miles of protected bike lanes throughout the Rose City by 2020. It is also working on encouraging a bike share program in low-income neighborhoods and is one of the few cities that can boast an adaptable bike share program for individuals with disabilities.

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Whether you are out for a weekend ramble, traveling with a group of cyclists on a tour, or enjoying the city streets, the right gear will improve your cycling experience. Some elements that will help you to enjoy your ride include your iron stead, custom-seating, cycling-specific clothing, athletic shoes designed to bring out peak performance, a sturdy helmet, bike lock, and a BPA-free water bottle to help you get in gear.

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