Top 7 Pool Games for Kids

Posted by Goggles n More on 30th Mar 2016

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 Pool Games for Kids

Kids are naturally very active. That characteristic is often combined with shorter attention span than adults, which means it’s difficult to keep them entertained for long periods of time. If you’re the type of family that cracks open the BBQ for a fun backyard gathering, then you’re probably very familiar with the fact that kids will cannon ball a few times into the pool before they start looking for other activities. If you want them to keep their swimming goggles and floaties on, then suggest some of these games and splash the day away!

1. Marco Polo

This one is a classic that's been around for generations. It’s especially great for small children who can only stay within the shallow end of the pool. It's like tag, only with a few modifications. The person who's responsible for chasing everyone else in the water has to keep his or her eyes closed while saying 'Marco'. As he or she shouts “Marco” everyone else must respond “Polo!” in order to indicate where they are inside the pool. The chaser tries to locate them listening to everyone’s voice.

2. Mermaid Races

Mermaid races are super fun for the girls. Sometimes the boys can be too focused making tidal waves with their dives. Girls can practice their mermaid swim, which is basically just keep both legs together and wiggling your body across the pool like a mermaid. After a few practice laps, the girls can take a break figuring out their mermaid nicknames then start a few races!

3. Pirate Treasure

Pirate treasure is usually for children between the ages of 7 - 10 but if your child is comfortable swimming under water then they will see how rewarding this game is. A parent must grab a few different items that don’t float and a bucket of change (throw in some pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters). Each child will need a pair of good swimming goggles to see beneath the surface of the pool. On the count of three, everyone will be given the chance to jump in and collect as much change or “treasure” as they can. When everything is collected from the bottom of the pool. Kids will be able to keep their change and buy their favorite candy on their next trip to the grocery store!

4. A Belly Flop Splashing Contest

Belly flop contests happen on their own, but they get more interesting when people try to compete over who can create the biggest splash. The parents can join in on this competition. Make sure there is supervision while kids jump in. While this one is messier than other games and kids should be warned about how much water can sting.

5. Water Volleyball

This game works just like regular volleyball in terms of the rules, but people play it in the water. With a big beach ball, it won't feel like gym class. Adults can also join in on this pool game. Create some teams if there is a large party and have a championship round!

6. Diving Without Splashing

Is there such thing as a pool day without splashing? Only if you make it into a game! Start a diving competition with a twist. See who can make less of a splash when they jump into the water. This game is sure to start some giggles and second rounds of games.

7. Shark

A little bit like marco polo except someone has to be the shark and they can keep their eyes open. In order for the shark to get people, they must be underwater so make sure to grab a pair of swimming goggles. As the shark swims around the pool, the other players must keep moving inside the pool in order to not get caught by the shark. Whoever gets caught becomes the shark immediately.

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