Top Diving Masks 2019

Top Diving Masks 2019

Posted by Goggles N More on 14th Mar 2019

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Diving is a very popular sport. When a person starts getting involved in the sport, they can soon find themselves overwhelmed with all the choices that are available for choosing their gear. There are a lot of brands of styles of scuba gear available. One of the most personal and important to choose from is the mask. The mask is one of the core pieces that each person has to choose for themselves. It has to fit their face just right to prevent leaking, be adjustable for the different sizes of heads, design and colors to meet peoples’ needs, and they must be affordable. The owner will use it for many years to come. Here are the top choices for diving masks for 2019 that you won't just find any place.

Top Diving Masks 2019

  • The TUSA M40 Splendive IV Prescription Diving Mask. This mask is made with tapered glass to help you keep an eye on your gear and what is happening around you in the water. The mask comes with tempered glass to prevent shattering and has four windows to help maximize your field of vision. You can even have the mask fitted with your particular prescription from your eye doctor so you do not have to wear glasses under your mask. Our masks can be fitted to conform to the needs of your eyes. We can make the mask with bifocals, astigmatism correction, short and near-sightedness is no problem.
  • The TUSA M28 Geminus Prescription Diving Mask. If you are looking for a trusted dive mask, then this is the one for you. It comes with a soft yet durable silicone seal so you have a fitted tight seal around your face. The mask comes with a fitted case that protects it from drops and shifting while driving around. The glass is tapered and shatter resistant. You can even have your prescriptive lenses put into the mask for better sight and use.
  • Don’t forget the M2P defog wipes! These are reusable and can be used over and over and they do not permanently stick to the lens surfaces, unlike other anti-fog lens coatings, which cannot be replaced once depleted such that new lenses would be needed.

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The Importance of the Correct Diving Mask

Having the right mask is vital to effective diving. If you are looking for the right mask to use, then this selection is a good place to start. If you are looking for a special type of mask for swimming or diving, then visit our website today to view our selection for 2019. Each mask comes specially designed with its owner in mind. We fit each mask with personalized prescription lenses once you submit your own prescription from the eye doctor.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the mask that we provide, then please visit our website and look at our selection. We also offer a number of other masks for those involved in the many outdoor and indoor sports. There is a mask for everyone.

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