Top Swim Accessories for Kids

Top Swim Accessories for Kids

Posted by Goggles N More on 19th Apr 2019

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With summer quickly approaching, now is the time to prepare your family for water safety. These swim accessories help parents and guardians keep little ones safe without sacrificing an ounce of fun.

Top swim accessories for kids

Ear Plugs

Swimmer's ear is an infection of the canal that leads to the eardrum. While it isn't always caused by swimming, being poorly maintained pools, infected waterways, or areas full of harsh chemicals are some of the most common triggers for this condition. Wearing ear plugs in the water is the best way to reduce a child's chance of coming into contact with the harmful microorganisms that contribute to the infection. They are also recommended for children who:

  • Suffer from recurring ear infections.
  • Have implanted tubes.
  • Are recovering from a recent surgery in the head, neck, throat, or chest.

Ear plugs are also a good idea for children who have a compromised immune system or are too young for certain vaccinations. They're also great for children who don't like the feeling of water squishing in and out of their ears.


Besides the fact that it's difficult to see underwater, pools and natural swimming areas often contain chlorine and salts that can irritate delicate eye tissues and compromise vision. For some youngsters, the idea of not being able to see underwater is enough to discourage them from even trying to learn to swim. Others have vision problems and don't feel confident enough to swim well without glasses or contact lenses.

Swim goggles for children protect their eyes from water, particles, and larger objects that can float into their faces while underwater. There are many options for parents who want to protect their young one's eyes.

  • Ultraviolet protection allows swim goggles to do double duty. Kids get protection from potentially harmful sun rays while they wear these specially-treated devices.
  • Custom-made prescription goggles let your little one see clearly without risking damage to their daily glasses.
  • Various shapes, colors, and sizes ensure parents can find the perfect fit and style for their child.

Swim goggles for children attach securely to the head and face with a comfortable strap made of stretchy material. Googles N More makes custom prescription goggles in fun color combinations that kids love. With sizes for ages 2 to 5 years, 5 to 10 years, 5 to 14 years, and up, it's easy to find the most comfortable fit for little swimmers of any age.

Water Wings

New swimmers sometimes lack the skill to match their confidence. When little ones are drawn to deeper waters, it can be difficult for guardians to keep an eye on them. Color plastic water wings help keep kids safe in several ways.

  • The extra flotation can help them keep their heads above water while practicing maneuvers. This helps them build confidence more quickly so they become stronger swimmers.
  • The bright colors are more easily identifiable against a variety of backgrounds. Those with children who tend to wander can use a unique pattern or color combination to keep an eye on active little ones.
  • Some children resist wearing a full-sized life jacket. While most water wings are not an approved safety device, there are some models that conform to USCG safety standards while retaining the comfort and fun designs children enjoy.

Look for water wings with a chest attachment. These offer the most benefits for children exploring the water.


You don't need to be a surfer or deep sea to benefit from a wetsuit. For children, wetsuits increase comfort and safety in different environments.

  • Sensory-sensitive children who balk at the idea of variable temperatures can keep snug in their wetsuits. Breathable fabrics allow warmth to stay close to the skin without clinging in an uncomfortable way.
  • The extra layer of fabric provides more protection against sun exposure than creams and oils that constantly wash off.
  • In emergency events, a wetsuit can increase the survival rates of children lost in the water. Wearing a suit decreases the probability of hypothermia, which gives rescuers more time to work.

Made from durable Neoprene materials, wetsuits for children are usually manufactured to be easily adjusted to growing bodies. These devices are an important investment for the guardians of active youngsters.

These popular children's swim accessories let little ones show off their personal style while helping parents and guardians keep them safe in the water.

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