What are the best goggles for competitive swimming?

What are the best goggles for competitive swimming?

Posted by Goggles N More on 6th Sep 2019

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Competitive swim goggles differ from regular swim goggles as they are designed to decrease the drag caused by the swimmer going through the water. We all know that competitive swimming is a sport where the difference between first and second place can be down to a fraction of a second. If you are serious about your swimming and want your gear to reflect your dedication, it's time to up your goggle game. A good swim goggle isn't going to automatically turn you into a Micheal Phelps, but it can help you to perform at your top-level. Don't discount the difference that a great pair of competitive swim goggles can make in your game!

What features should I look for when choosing my competitive swim goggles?

You are going to want a swim goggle option that feels snug but not too tight. Make sure that they are leak proof. The profile should be small and close to your face in order to decrease draft. There are a variety of different options available to serious competitive swimmers, with most choices left up to personal tastes and preferences. If you want to make sure that your gear is going to work for you, look for swim goggles that are advertised as competitive and that have a small and low profile.

Straps shouldn't be excessively long, but long enough to provide a tight fit.  Anti-fog lenses are another feature to keep an out for. We all know what it's like when our swim goggles let us down, either by leaking, fogging up, or coming off altogether. We like to rotate our swim goggles to make sure that they don't get stretched out or otherwise damaged. It's important to have a few backup pairs around so that you don't get caught without any. Having the right swim goggle can help you to focus on your race rather than fussing with your gear. We have a lot of different options for you to consider on our website, take a look today and get swimming!

Can I have my competitive swim goggles fitted with prescription lenses?

Because the lens size in competitive swim goggles are so small there is no possibility of outfitting them with prescription lenses. If you are concerned about needing to have corrective lens swim goggles, take a look at our regular  inventory and see if any of those custom options could do the job for you. Because you require a larger lens to fit prescription lenses, your swim goggles will not be as small as the competitively designed options. If your vision is an issue, we would recommend that you go with the slightly larger prescription swim goggle option rather than trying to compete blindly.

Is it time to up your swim goggle game?

If you've been competing using the same old swim goggles you've always had, it's time for an upgrade. Check out the competitive swim goggle inventory at Goggles N More today and find out how much a truly competitive  swim goggle can help you improve your swim times.

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