What are the best prescription swim goggle lenses?

What are the best prescription swim goggle lenses?

Posted by Goggles N More on 6th Sep 2019

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If you need prescription swim goggles and you only want the best,  Goggles N More has what you're looking for! We offer the best lenses and have a full range of options. Whether you suffer from nearsightedness, have astigmatism or are farsighted, we've got your swim goggle needs covered. If your vision needs aren't too involved, or you don't spend a ton of time in the pool, take a look at our fixed power prescription swim goggles that are the closest match to your vision requirements. Choosing one of the options from our fixed power lenses is a great solution for anyone who requires assistance with distance vision.

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Even if your astigmatism is under + or - 1.0 this option may still work for you. Take a look at our  wide inventory to check if our fixed power options are a good fit for you. If not, we can help you out with prescription swim goggles that match your corrective lenses to a T. Your eye doctor will agree that keeping your eyes protected while swimming is of paramount importance. We make it easy for you, just let us know your corrective prescription and our team will craft a custom pair of goggles that will keep your eyes protected.

What are your prescription lens options at Goggles N More?

We think that our prescription swim goggle options set us apart from the competition for a number of reasons. We offer a variety of different colored lenses in addition to clear, and we can even fit your prescription swim goggles with Transition™ lenses. Don't settle for anything less than the best! Made to order swim goggle lenses provide the exact correction level of your regular glasses, they're just equipped to help you see underwater. No one enjoys having red and itchy eyes, and everyone likes to be able to see clearly. If you're not protecting your eyes when you swim you can make yourself more at risk for eye problems. At the very least, when swimming makes your eyes feel uncomfortable, you may be less likely to participate in this sport that is so great for your health and wellness!

Why you want the best prescription swim goggles

Protecting your eyes while you swim is an important part of taking care of yourself. Swimming is a great activity that helps to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul, and it only makes sense to spend a lot of time swimming if you have the best gear. When you try to cut corners on your swim goggles you are really putting your vision and eye health in jeopardy. Our eyes are irreplaceable and there's no reason to settle for inferior products when it comes to protecting them. Don't let your eyes be damaged by bacteria in the water, harsh chemicals, or other irritants, especially when the solution is as simple as ordering a pair of high-quality prescription swim goggles from Goggles N More.

Don't let swimming without corrective lenses get you down, there are plenty of options available at Goggles N More, check out our  website today!

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