What Color Lens Is Best for Basketball?

What Color Lens Is Best for Basketball?

Posted by Goggles N More on 18th Oct 2019

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Its important to wear sports glasses or goggles because they can keep your eyes safe, will fit comfortably and securely during physical activity and enhance your vision to give you the extra performance in the sport you love playing. Even if you have 20/20 vision and don't need prescription eyewear, the right basketball sports glasses can help you reduce glare and enhance the contrast to help you see better so you can react faster.

Many experts agree that basketball-related injuries can be prevented if you wear the right eyewear. Children may oppose the idea of wearing basketball sports glasses  during sports but coaches and parents should insist on it. It only takes one injury to cause permanent vision loss. Eye safety during basketball and other sports isn't just for kids. Anyone who plays sports can benefit from the vision enhancement and eye protection of  basketball sports glasses.

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Colored Lenses for Basketball Sports Glasses

A clear lens with an anti-reflective coating will be the best for an indoor sport such as basketball. The anti-reflective coating will help with the indoor lights that are reflected off of different areas of the court. You can also choose virtually any color for basketball sports glasses. Yellow or orange lenses will heighten contrast in low-light conditions. They also filter out the blue light for clear and sharper focus. Not only does this color work well for outdoor sports, such as cycling or hunting, it also works for indoor sports like basketball. 

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Basketball Sports Glasses Key Qualities

You shouldn't wear everyday glasses during sports since these eyeglasses aren't made to the same protective standards as sports glasses. The lenses can shatter upon impact and then cause more injury. Frames that aren't designed for sports use can also cause the lenses to pop out upon impact and cause damage to your face or eyes. When searching for eyewear for basketball, you want to find frames that limit the extent of basketball-related injuries better. A close-fit padding and elastic band will help provide comfort and prevent any unnecessary injury. The strong, lightweight frame shouldn't interfere with the game but will be able to withstand the impact of another player, hands or the basketball.

Basketball Sports Glasses Lens Options

Most basketball sports glasses will come standard with clear lenses. However, there are also optional  tinted, polarized, and transitions lenses available. Polarized lenses come with fixed color tints that reduce the glare reflecting off surfaces such as windscreens and water. These are ideal for water sports and may not be needed for basketball. Transition lenses change from being clear indoors to getting up to 70% dark gray outdoors under strong sunlight. Depending on the kind you get, you can also get up to 85% dark for outdoor coverage. If you or your child is also going to be playing basketball on an outdoor court, transition lenses can be a good option instead of having to buy two pairs of sports glasses.

Prescription Basketball Sports Glasses

Getting the best eyewear for your sports performance should start with an  eyeglass prescription. This will allow you to improve your vision and your performance. You can discuss with your eye doctor about frame selection because the proper fit is not only important for comfort but also for safety.

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