What Does Diopter Count Mean?

What Does Diopter Count Mean?

Posted by Goggles N More on 15th Aug 2019

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What does diopter count mean, and why do you need to know it when you buy prescription goggles?

A diopter is a unit of measurement to judge the refractive power of lenses in comparison to the focal length. The ability to identify the light bending capacity of a lens means that a lens can be made specifically for your visual issues. The higher diopter number you have on your lens prescription the greater magnification you will need. If you have had prescription eyeglasses your whole life then you may already know this number off the cuff. If not, no problem you can still order prescription goggles online after taking a few easy steps to find out your diopter count.

How do you find your diopter count?

Your optical prescription will have a letter “D” this number indicates if you are nearsighted or farsighted with the minus sign or plus sign. The number in addition to a plus or minus will tell you your diopter count. You will need this number when choosing  prescription goggles to match your vision needs exactly or as close as possible.

Once you establish your diopter number and order your prescription goggles you may wonder what took you so long to upgrade your water gear to your eye specifications. After all the whole underwater world awaits as well as above water sports that require eye gear. All the summer fun you've been having could be upgraded with prescription goggles and ordering them to your needs is likely simpler than you may think.

You can easily choose the correct goggle lens by matching the swim lens to one with a prescription closest to your diopter number. Remember to estimate lower not higher than your own prescription to get the closest to your actual needs if the exact diopter number is not available.

What Happens if You Wear the Wrong Prescription Glasses/Goggles or No Prescription at all?

Attempting to see through a prescription that is not correct for your vision can cause headaches, increasingly blurred vision, eye pain, and overall discomfort. If you attempt to just go without prescription goggles and wear normal goggles it can have the same effect. Avoid headaches, increasingly blurred vision, and the subpar experience of not seeing as well as you possibly could while enjoying the great outdoors by ordering your prescription goggles today.

Getting your diopter count correct is simple, and we can help you with your order. After you establish your first order is right for your vision ordering a backup pair of goggles or more eye accessories to your correct prescription is simple and we look forward to meeting all of your sports eyewear needs in the future.

Quality Prescription Goggles Are Available at the Click of a Button With us at Goggles N More.

Goggles N More is a family run business that strives to provide the best in prescription swim gear for your convenience. Understanding your diopter number and your eyeglass prescription needs will help you to get the best prescription goggles available. We can answer any questions you may have about the process to simplify the ordering process for you. Order your prescription goggles with us and enjoy activities like you once did with clear vision and no hesitation.

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