What is the reason why NBA players wear glasses?

What is the reason why NBA players wear glasses?

Posted by Goggles N More on 4th Dec 2019

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Basketball eyewear is a huge part of NBA history. Unlike other sports such as hockey or football where the players have helmets, the face of the NBA player is unprotected. For this reason, basketball produces more eye injuries than any other contact sport. Data from Prevent Blindness shows that more than 6,000 U.S. citizens suffer eye injuries when playing basketball every year.

Eye Protection While Playing Basketball

For those who do not normally wear glasses, the goggles are there for protection against eye injuries. For those who wear glasses, the goggles are there to help them see better and to provide eye protection. Eyeglasses when playing basketball are used for the following reasons:

Basketball Sports Goggles are Impact Resistant

Prescription eyewear or regular basketball sports goggles could easily crack or get completely shattered while playing. This not only interferes with your playing ability but also predisposes you to eye injuries from the broken glass or plastics. Goggles N More's line of basketball sports goggles are designed to withstand any form of impact. They are also tested to ensure that they meet the standards set forth for ball, stick, and racket sports.

Basketball Sports Goggles Improve Players Eyesight

Impeccable eyesight is necessary when playing basketball as players have to determine the baskets distance and make split-second decisions accurately. If you normally wear prescription eyeglasses, Goggles N More provides you with  prescription basketball sports glasses.

Basketball Sports Goggles Are Designed To Stay In Place During The Game

Basketball sports goggles should enhance your ability to play and not hinder it. You will probably find yourself having to push back regular glasses while you play constantly. Our basketball sports glasses are designed to stay in place as you move around the court. Many options come with the option of a head strap for a more secure fit. 

Basketball Sports Goggles Help Prevent Eye Injuries

While playing basketball, like many sports, you are  predisposed to injuries from the ball, other players hands, elbows, and so on. Case in point is the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar whose cornea was scratched during a game against the University of California back in January 1968.

How Do I Ensure My Basketball Sports Glasses are Effective?

Regular prescription sports glasses, goggles and in some cases, safety glasses do not provide proper eye protection to basketball players. Experts recommend that athletes purchase eye guards or sports goggles that are designed for a specific sport. To ensure that your eyewear is effective, do not purchase a pair of basketball sports goggles with incorrect or loose lenses. The lenses should also be tightly attached to the frame to minimize their chance of popping inwards and damaging the eye.

The basketball sports goggles you choose should have a cushion or padding along the nose edge and the temples. This protects the athlete from getting bruised should there be an impact. This padding also prevents chafing around the eyes, ears, and the noses bridge. You also need to consider the available lens options.

If you will be playing in cold weather conditions, it is quite frustrating to have your sports goggles fog up. This could affect your ability to play as you will be unable to see unless the fog clears. When buying your sports eyewear, ensure that it has good ventilation or an anti-fog coating.

Why Choose Basketball Sports Glasses from Goggles N More?

Now that we have established why basketball players wear glasses, it is important to point out that not all basketball sports glasses are made equally. Basketball sports glasses from Goggles N More are preferred over other sports eyewear for the following reasons:

  • Goggles N More works in collaboration with eye health professionals and renowned ophthalmologists to ensure that they provide you with the best prescription sports eyewear
  • Our glasses are comfortable to wear as they have soft padding along the bridge of your nose and the temples. They also fit snugly on your face to ensure that they do not move around while you play
  • They are designed for durability, thus ensuring that you do not have to constantly replace them.

Upgrade your basketball prowess by getting sports glasses from  Goggles N More. We stock an entire range of products to fit the children, the youth, and adults.

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