When Do I Need To Change My Eye Prescription?

When Do I Need To Change My Eye Prescription?

Posted by Goggles N More on 14th Aug 2020

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Updating your eye prescription when necessary is important for ensuring good vision. Over time, your eyes change so that your prescription needs to be changed. If you have a vision issue that requires correction through a prescription, you need to know how often a prescription update is necessary.

There are two ways to know when to update your prescription. One way is by keeping up with the new prescription frequency that optometrists recommend. Another is through noticing signs that your prescription is no longer as effective as it should be.

How frequently optometrists recommend prescription changes

Optometrists recommend fairly frequent optometry appointments to ensure both sharp vision and strong overall eye health. The general recommendation is that you see your eye doctor once every year or two but may be more frequent for people with certain eye conditions.

When you visit your optometrist, you will undergo an eye exam that will determine any changes that need to be made to your prescription. Your optometrist will also perform some standard tests including a glaucoma test.

If your optometrist makes any changes to your prescription, you'll want to have new prescription lenses made.

Signs it's time for a new prescription

If you have your eyes examined as often as optometrists recommend, you're probably never going to notice any symptoms that you need a new prescription. However, it's important to be able to recognize the symptoms just in case.

Below are five signs that you have an out-of-date lens prescription and it needs to be updated.

Blurry vision

Obviously, blurry vision is the number one sign that you need to have your lens prescription changed. While your vision should change slowly so that it doesn't become noticeably blurry within two years of a prescription change, this might not always be the case. You might notice blurry vision if your vision is changing unusually rapidly.

Fatigue in the eyes

If you're using a prescription that's no longer fully effective, you may notice that your eyes get tired out. It will be especially likely that you'll notice fatigue in your eyes at the end of the day if your prescription is no longer ideal for your eyes.

Glasses that are falling apart

If your glasses have started to fall apart, they obviously need to be replaced. You might as well have your prescription updated when you need to get new glasses made.

Frequent squinting

People squint when they're having trouble reading or viewing something. Squinting is a way to temporarily improve the vision in some situations. However, you shouldn't be squinting all the time or there is probably something wrong with your prescription.

Frequent unexplained headaches

A lot of individuals don't realize that poor vision can cause headaches. Your brain might make note of changes in your vision before you do. If this happens, your brain will be working overtime to make the most of your weak vision. This could cause headaches as the brain has to expend added energy to make up for vision weakness.

Getting glasses with an updated prescription

Nowadays, it's easier than ever to order new glasses online once you've had your prescription updated. At  Goggles N More we help our customers to enter their prescription properly so that their lenses are just right when they buy glasses or other lenses from us. Customers can simply take a picture of their prescription and send it to us. Then, we get back to them with instructions on how to enter their prescription.

Online, we provide directions for how to enter your prescription.. Ordering glasses online makes it easier than ever to ensure that your eyeglasses have an up-to-date prescription that makes optimal vision possible all the time!

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