Which are the Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Which are the Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Posted by Goggles N More on 23rd Jul 2019

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Natural sunlight contains orange, red, yellow, green, and blue light rays. Depending on the energy and wavelength, there are many shades within these colors — combined, the spectrum is what creates white light. For the uninitiated, sunlight is a very complicated topic to explain that delves into physics and the sciences. But in layman's terms, there is an opposite link between the wavelength and the amount of energy it contains. This means that light rays that have long wavelengths actually contain less energy compared to those with short wavelengths that have more energy.

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The red end of the visible light spectrum has longer wavelengths. This means that red has less energy. The blue end of the spectrum has shorter wavelengths and increased energy. The electromagnetic rays that are beyond the red rays are infrared, while the electromagnetic rays beyond the blue light rays are called ultraviolet radiation.

Ultraviolet rays have much higher energy than the visible light. When it comes to humans, exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause sunburn that can potentially lead to skin cancer. These are rays that can also burn the eyes, a condition that is called photo-keratitis.

Should You Get Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Blue light wavelength is the shortest, but they have the highest energy in the light spectrum. Blue light flickers easier and longer than other types of wavelengths, with this flickering casting a glare that can affect clarity and sharpness. This translates to eyestrain, with those who stare at electronic devices for an extended period of time being a particular risk group.

With the normalization of electronic handhelds in the past couple of decades, we have been exposed to a constant barrage of blue light sources. Simply put, our eyes have not evolved to provide filters against this type of artificial light, with prolonged exposure leading to macular damage.

There are ways to combat exposure to blue light. One of the best investments is blue light blocking glasses. These use filters to protect your eyes and reduce the amount of harmful blue rays that reach your retina. You can also take additional steps like making sure to blink when staring at a digital screen for an extended period of time, taking frequent breaks from looking at electronic devices, and make sure that your screens are clean and smudge free to reduce glare.

Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  • Less eye strain. Even though it is still recommended that you limit your exposure to blue light, the amount that you are exposed to will cause eye strain or fatigue without the proper protection.
  • Less migraines. Some individuals are particularly sensitive to blue light. You will find that blue light blocking glasses will help prevent frequent migraine headache.
  • No more sleep disruption. Blue light actually regulates our circadian rhythm, which directly affects our sleep and wake cycle. It's not just coffee and energy drinks that can keep you up, blue light is also responsible for imparting a feeling of wakefulness. However, humans are animals living in a very unnatural world — we aren't designed to be exposed to blue light for long durations. Checking emails before bed, falling asleep in front of the television, scrolling through our smartphones in bed, all counteract the possible benefits of blue light exposure.

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