Why Can I See Better Underwater?

Why Can I See Better Underwater?

Posted by Goggles N More on 23rd Feb 2022

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Like many people, you likely have trouble seeing clearly underwater. This issue is especially troublesome if you open your eyes underwater without some quality goggles. Not having the right eye equipment can lead to eye irritation and temporarily blurred visions. The best way to see underwater is with a pair of top-quality water goggles. However, keep in mind that regular goggles will only do a limited amount of good if you have existing vision problems. It would help if you had special prescription swim goggles that allow the wearer to see clearly during underwater activities.

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Why is it Difficult to See Underwater?

It's harder for the human eye to see underwater because the natural light is scattered differently than we are used to seeing. The blurry view we see is due to scattered light by the water molecules and affects the color and wavelength of the light. Additionally, if you don't have eyewear when you look underwater, you experience issues with what is called stereoscopic acuity. This term relates to the ability for the viewer to judge distance and the viewer's perceptions of relativity accurately. The depth perception is usually overestimated at beyond arm's length from the person looking underwater, which is affected by a lack of normal contrast.

Why You Need Swim Goggles

If you like to go underwater or participate in activities such as swimming competitively, you'll want to get goggles to reduce the vision issues people experience underwater. There are many types of goggles on the market today. However, if you have vision issues, you can get made-to-prescription swim goggles perfect for providing accurate views under the water.

There are prescription goggles or glasses for almost any activity or need, including prescription sports goggles and special activity goggles. They help the wearer see through obstructions such as water, sand, dirt, and much more. You get clear and accurate vision to help ensure you can judge distance, color, and more without the issues those who don't wear them face during certain activities.

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Do You Need Prescription Swim Goggles?

If you plan to be underwater or participate in an activity with water, dirt, or debris, chances are you need goggles. If you also have a vision issue and wear glasses or contacts, you'll need to get prescription swim goggles made that are designed to provide accurate views for your particular vision needs. If you want to learn more or have questions about prescription sports goggles or glasses, check out the FAQs and learn more about their top-quality products that make it easier to enjoy water-based activities without struggling with your vision.

If you swim underwater and currently have trouble seeing clearly, especially if you need prescription eyewear, you'll likely benefit from having prescription swim goggles. These swim goggles are made to match your vision specifications or prescription, so your results are made just for you. They can help you excel at your activities in the water and provide the depth perception you need to see your best. All you need to do is select the right size prescription swim goggles, provide your prescription details, and have your own pair sent directly to you at home. 

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