Why do my swim goggles leak?

Why do my swim goggles leak?

Posted by Goggles N More on 17th Sep 2019

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On a sweltering summer day nothing beats the refreshment of cool water, whether it’s an indoor pool, outdoor pool, or the ocean.  With a splash you're ready to take off into the blue, and then...your goggles leak.

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You want your swimming experiences to be stress-free, so that all you have to focus on is exploration, relaxation, or both. Shop the many high-quality, affordable options that Goggles N More has to offer. Besides allowing you to see clearly underwater, goggles prevent chemicals and bacteria in the water from entering and irritating your eyes. Chat with a member of Goggles N Mores knowledgeable staff via their website and let them help you choose the best products for you.

If New Goggles Leak They May Not Fit Correctly.  

Water pours in from around the nose if they are too wide or from the outer edges if they are too narrow.  When you purchase goggles from Goggles N More, be sure to accurately measure your pupillary distance, or the distance between your pupils in millimeters, and provide it for a perfect custom fit. This will not only prevent leaks but make your goggles more comfortable to wear as well. Some models of swim goggles come with separate detachable nose pieces so you can adjust for different pupillary distances yourself. Additionally the eye cups in swim goggles come in various sizes, including smaller eye cups placed at a lower profile on the eye socket and others which are styled more like a mask. Depending on your activity you may also want to consider goggles with double straps, which will help prevent them from sliding down.

Is There Debris on Your Swim Goggles?

If you've ensured that your goggles fit properly but are leaking, check that nothing is stuck between your skin and the seal, whether it be your hair or particles of sand or dirt.  In addition to defogging, checking that your goggles, especially the seal, are clean and free of grit is a good idea before use.

What is the Age of Your Goggles?

If your swim goggles are older or have seen a lot of use, repeated exposure to sun, chemicals, or saltwater can break down and dry out the material of the eye cups and the silicone in the seal, which will cause leakage. The elasticity of the swim goggles components is key to maintaining a tight seal to your face. To prolong the life of your goggles, be sure to rinse them after use with clean fresh water and try not to leave them out in the sun or in storage areas where they will be exposed to extreme heat.

Most Important Swim Goggle Features?

The most important features to look for when shopping for swim goggles are proper fit, quality, and applicable design for the particular in-water activity you need them for. You should be able to see peripherally as well as straight ahead. Tinted lenses will help you see better in brighter outdoor light or in ocean environments, while clear lenses are best in indoor pools.  For competitive swimming you will want lower profile swim goggles that provide less drag, and for swimming or diving in the ocean, goggles with a deeper air space in front of the eyes account for differences in light refraction and allow your eyes to focus more easily.

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