5 Safety Tips to Avoid Eye Injury During Fall Sports

5 Safety Tips to Avoid Eye Injury During Fall Sports

Posted by Goggles N More on 26th Sep 2022

With fall sports on the horizon, both adults and school-age kids should wear protective eyewear. Whether you wear sports goggles or sports glasses, there's appropriate protection for any age to avoid the likely chance they'll get an eye injury.

As fun as these sports are, you must be safe when playing basketball, football, cheerleading, volleyball, or in adult softball leagues. Even those who practice martial arts find themselves experiencing eye injuries periodically. At least one of every three eye injuries that are sports-related is a child, and over 30,000 cases are treated each year throughout the country. The tips below can help you avoid being an eye injury statistic:

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Fall Sports and Essential Safety Gear

Heavy contact sports require you to wear a helmet to protect your head and protective sports glasses for your eyes during active time. When on the field, it is vital to have it on securely to block any direct hits to your eye. This is also true for martial art fights that require headgear and a mouth guard. If you are wearing your headgear, you can keep punches and kicks from hitting you directly in your eye. Even in football, there is a facemask you should wear so that any direct impact to your face is slowed, and the injury is reduced significantly,

File Down Sharp Edges on the Sports Equipment

No matter which sport you play, you will come into contact with equipment on the court, floor, or field. If there are sharp edges, and you fall onto that equipment, you can cause significant damage to your eye. This is also true of your equipment, like hockey sticks and rackets, while playing tennis. Many sports injuries happen due to equipment being slung and hitting another person in the eye with a sharp edge.

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Always Carry Sunglasses With You

While you are out at practice, being a spectator on the game, or taking the bench during the current play, you must always protect your eyes from UV rays. If you are blinded by the sun, you could make a wrong move or not see a ball heading right for you. If you are practicing on the field and a ball heads your way, you are not blinded by the sun, so you can move or catch it before it causes an injury. Not only are the sunglasses preventing an injury and guarding your eyes, but they are also preventing your vision from getting worse and permanently damaging.

Use Sports Goggles

For sports like hockey, tennis, and even adult softball, you can wear sports goggles or sports glasses that allow you to see while playing but protect your eyes from direct hits. Pucks and balls can cause long-term eye damage because they are small enough to hit the eye directly and come with a substantial speed. You can use this if you wear corrective lenses. Just put your contacts in first. They need to meet the standards of the American Society of Testing and Materials standards so that they can manage the impact.

Keep Up With Your Eye Health

If you have a scheduled eye exam, ensure you keep up with that appointment. You do not want to put off your eye care, especially if you have noticed any changes in your vision, headaches, or discharge that cannot be explained. If you notice something out of the ordinary with your eyes, make an appointment immediately.

Wear Sports Goggles this Fall Sports Season

Fall sports is enjoyed by players, spectators, and communities all around the country. Make sure you have a healthy and fun season while protecting your eyes and avoiding injury. These tips can be applied on and off the court and are essential to avoiding eye injury during fall. Goggles N More offers a wide selection of both prescription sports glasses and non prescription sports goggles for all ages!

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