ATV Riding and Prescription Goggle Inserts

ATV Riding and Prescription Goggle Inserts

Posted by Goggles N More on 25th Sep 2020

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Riding ATV's can be an off-road muddy good time where precision, speed, and experience are essential to safely getting through the woods or the trail. If you plan to ride your ATV without perfect vision, you need to look into prescription goggle inserts to make your eyesight more precise while you're on the trails. Logs, branches, and mud pits can arise seemingly out of nowhere and fast, you have to be able to respond immediately, and perfect vision is crucial.

Goggles are an essential part of your ATV riding safety equipment. Goggles with prescription goggle inserts will help protect your eyes from debris and ensure clear vision regardless of what the trails throw up in your face. Unfortunately, wearing goggles creates a challenge for those with vision issues because it can be difficult to wear glasses or contacts underneath goggles.

If you're looking for a solution, you should learn more about what prescription goggle inserts are and how they work.

Improving Your ATV Riding Experience

Many people who ride ATV think that their vision issue isn't severe enough to require correction while riding. However, it's essential to realize how much of a difference even slightly corrected vision can make while on your ATV. Even if your vision is already close to 20/20, you'll be surprised at how much prescription goggle inserts can help with even slight near-sightedness or astigmatism. If you simply try corrected vision on your ATV once, you'll realize that it's a whole new experience and significantly improves your ride.

Another incorrect assumption ATV riders sometimes make is that the expense to get prescription goggles would be too much. It can indeed be pricey to purchase custom made goggles, including prescription lenses. However, prescription goggle inserts work just as well as custom made prescription goggles at a fraction of the price. As a bonus, you can swap the prescription goggle inserts out between different goggles. When one pair gets muddy, breaks, or needs different color lenses, all you need to do is swap the inserts quickly.

Enjoying Your ATV to the Fullest

Besides being a sport where precision and speed are important, ATV riding is an activity where you want to enjoy the incredible scenery. If you're taking your 4 wheeler out on trails through the woods or in the mountains, you want to take in that beautiful scenery. You don't want your blurry vision to detract from the visual aspect of the experience.

Getting more out of your ATV riding experience is an important reason you should consider getting prescription goggle inserts for your ATV goggles. Perhaps you've already tried to improve your vision while riding by wearing contacts or glasses beneath your goggles. However, this rarely works out well. Eyeglasses often don't fit properly under ATV goggles. Also, the curvature of these goggles often warps a rider's vision when in combination with eyeglasses. When it comes to contacts, a rider's eyes can become watery while riding so that contacts lose their position or create eye irritation. Blurry vision due to watering eyes or contact shifting has the potential to become dangerous.

These factors make it challenging to remedy vision issues while riding by merely slipping contacts or glasses underneath a pair of goggles. Prescription goggle inserts quickly fix these issues more effectively and lead to perfect vision while riding your ATV.

The Danger of Uncorrected Vision While Riding

If you've been riding for a long time with uncorrected vision, you really should stop doing this for the sake of your safety. You are more likely to miss important visual cues signifying danger while you're riding if your vision isn't corrected to 20/20.

When you're riding an ATV, you need to be able to see little obstacles like branches, stones, ditches, and mounds in your path. It's hard to make out such obstacles in the distance and react quickly enough when you have even minor issues with distance vision. You should never underestimate the severity of the dangers posed while riding with uncorrected vision problems. While it might feel like a hassle to achieve corrected vision while riding, you'll be surprised at how simple the process of acquiring prescription inserts is.

How to Order Your Prescription Goggle Inserts

The only thing you need to order prescription goggle inserts for your ATV goggles is your prescription details. You send your prescription information to Goggles N More, and then prescription goggle inserts will be delivered directly to you. You can quickly slip these inserts into your ATV goggles to enjoy corrected vision while you ride. The prescription goggle inserts you order should fit into most standard goggles. 

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