Back To School Prescription Glasses For Kids

Back To School Prescription Glasses For Kids

Posted by Goggles N More on 18th Sep 2020

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Back to school is upon us, and kids will be needing new glasses or coming home saying they need some help to see the lessons. Once you get your child’s vision checked by a professional, it is super easy to order their new  prescription glasses online from Goggles N More. Regardless of where your kids are learning this school year, clear vision is an important factor in their educational success!

Ordering Children's Prescription Glasses

Your child needs glasses, and the options are overwhelming in a time where we all just want a bit of convenience and ease in our lives. At Goggles N More, we take the stress out of ordering your  child’s prescription glasses. Once you get the eye exam and the prescription is set, you simply need to ask for a paper copy of the prescription with the pupillary distance (PD) for your records. If your pupil distance (PD) is not written on your prescription, and you cannot obtain this from your Optician (who should have it on file), then you can follow the steps shown in the video on this page to measure your child’s PD at home. From there, you just need to follow the step by step guide on the website, and we’ll get them shipped right away.

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Children’s Prescription Glasses Options

Our full line of kids’ prescription glasses can be ordered in a wide array of colors and styles. Many styles have flexible hinges and convert from regular glasses to ones with a flexible head strap for added security. There are blue light blocking lense options to protect your child's eyes from harmful blue light emitted from screens. Check out our selection of prescription sports glasses for kids. Our prescription kids’ glasses are durable, flexible, and customizable - having the option to use an ear hook or a strap depending on your child's glasses needs. We carry a full line of kids’ glasses for all ages from baby to teenagers and in styles and sizes appropriate for every child. Shop our entire selection of kids’ glasses and order online today.

Many kids have already started back to school in the past few weeks, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to order their back to school glasses so they can be looking stylish while improving their vision. One thing that is a more significant part of today’s schooling is computers and screens are playing an integral role in our kids day to day learning. Our children’s prescription glasses can be ordered with blue light protection, which will protect your child from blue light damage to their delicate eyes. 

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