Best Prescription Swim Goggles for Kids

Best Prescription Swim Goggles for Kids

Posted by Goggles N More on 7th Nov 2022

Most of us probably didn’t grow up wearing swim goggles. We might ask ourselves, "are swim goggles really necessary for our kids?" Ultimately, the choice is up to you, but there are many benefits to having your children wear swim goggles.

Swim Goggles for Kids

Swim Goggles Prevent Irritation

Pools are full of chemicals. While these are important for keeping the water as clean as possible, they can also become irritating to the eyes, especially after prolonged exposure. Swim goggles keep your children’s eyes from becoming red, irritated, or painful.

Swim Goggles Protect Against Disease

Chlorine does wonders to keep pool water clean, but not for our eyes. Bacteria can still thrive in pools. The biggest threat is pinkeye, which can survive the decontaminants and pass through pool water. To make matters worse, chlorine binds to body fluids, which makes it highly effective at delivering surviving bacteria right into the eyes.

Alternatively, if you’re swimming in a natural source of fresh water, you’re unlikely to catch an infection from another swimmer. But it’s entirely possible to get an eye infection from bacteria in the water.

Swim Goggles Help Kids Swim

Swim goggles can also help kids as they are learning to swim and becoming familiar with the sensation of being in the water. Some children are afraid of getting their faces or heads wet; swim goggles may help by keeping water out of their eyes.

In addition, they also make it easier for kids to see their surroundings with prescription swim goggles which gives them more confidence and clear vision.

Prescription Swim Goggles For Kids

The benefits of prescription swim goggles are pretty straightforward! In addition to providing all the pros of regular swim goggles, they ensure that your child can see clearly, both above and below the water.

Prescription swim goggles also help kids with depth perception, which is vital to keeping them safe in the water. Having better vision and clarity — along with the all-important eye protection — is also vital to helping kids become strong swimmers.

Prescription Swim Goggles for Kids

Types of Prescription Swim Goggles For Kids

With all these benefits in mind you're probably now asking yourself what are the best swim goggles for kids? Here are our top recommendations to help your child stay safe and have fun in the pool. These options are also available in non-prescription lenses so that you can find exactly what you need!

Farsighted Lens Options

These prescription swim goggles are made for kids between the ages of 5 and 14. They feature an adjustable head strap to ensure a proper fit as your child grows. These swim goggles are made for children with farsightedness. The tinted lenses offer an extra layer of eye protection on bright days or when diving underwater.

Age 10+ for Nearsightedness

If you need a pair of prescription swim goggles that will grow with your child, these goggles are a great choice. They are perfect for swimmers between the ages of 10 and adulthood, with an adjustable strap to change the fit as needed. You can customize the prescription for nearsightedness, including unique prescriptions for each eye if needed. The goggles include an anti-fog coating to improve clarity.

Tinted with Farsightedness for Ages 5-14

Tinted swim goggles are a great choice for swimmers with sensitive eyes, especially those who experience discomfort going from above the water to below the surface. These tinted swim goggles are made for children between the ages of 5 and 14, with a customizable prescription for farsightedness. They also feature UV protection and an anti-fog coating.

Toddlers, Ages 2-5

If you have a toddler who wears glasses, they need the right goggles for the pool, too! These prescription swim goggles are made for children between the ages of 2 and 5, ensuring that your toddler stays safe and comfortable in the water. Like all Goggles N More's prescription swim goggles, they can be customized to your child’s prescription, including options for bifocal and progressive lenses.

The Best Prescription Swim Goggles

Choosing the right prescription swim goggles is more than simply plugging in your child’s prescription. There are many factors to take into consideration. However, our wide range of products ensures that you can find the best choice to keep your child safe, comfortable, and having fun.

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