Best Ski Goggles for Skiing & Snowboarding

Best Ski Goggles for Skiing & Snowboarding

Posted by Goggles N More on 5th Jan 2023

Comparable to popular brands, Nordik ski goggles and snowboard goggles rank high in features and benefits for various reasons. If you're an avid skier or snowboarder, even if you enjoy sledding, it's very important to wear eye protection from the damaging effects of snow blindness, UV rays, and abrasive winds. Not only could you face severe eye injuries by not wearing protection, but you also could lose partial vision altogether.

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Nordik vs. Other Name-Brand Ski Goggles

Invest in a pair of ski goggles that will last you a lifetime, and they measure up to the biggest names in today's market. Similar to what the pro skiers and snowboarders, Nordik's feature-rich ski goggles are versatile, whether you've been hitting the slopes for a year or decades. Each pair includes a patented frame and lens design available in sizes for children through youth and adult. Offering ease and versatility, Nordik ski goggles stand up against high-end name brands when it comes to high-quality construction as well as several other benefits we'll cover.


  • 6-Magnet interchangeable lens system for quick, simple lens changes
  • Mirrored and UV-400 protection to both enhance the environment around you and protect from sun's harmful rays
  • Extra-wide lens design offers a clearer view in front and to the sides of you
  • Anti-fog lens coating ensures nothing blocks your vision


  • Designed in a variety of different fits for all ages
  • Special in-frame ventilation system for fog-free lenses
  • Extended high-density face foam extends outside the frame for added comfort
  • Ultra-wide, interchangeable silicone strap stays in place
  • No-sew strap adjustment system allows fast fitting
  • OTG (Over-The-Glasses) frame offers a design compatible over prescription glasses and helmets


In addition to an awesome pair of ski goggles, each pair also comes with some bonus add-ons to make life a bit easier, including:

  • Two interchangeable lens options
  • Cool printed ski goggle case
  • Microfiber ski goggle bag with replacement lens sleeve

Even though Nordik already offers a ton of benefits with each pair of ski goggles, they've also made coordinating styles available from kids through adults. The entire family can match while out skiing and snowboarding for easy recognizing and, of course, the best photo ops!

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Where to Purchase Nordik Ski Goggles

Known as one of the largest online retailers in ski goggles, Goggles N More offers an unmatched selection of Nordik and Snowledge ski goggles. If you're a prescription glasses or contacts wearer, we also offer prescription ski goggle inserts to easily slip into any pair of ski goggles to give you instantly better vision with custom-made RX lenses.

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