Best Women's Sport Sunglasses

Best Women's Sport Sunglasses

Posted by Goggles N More on 23rd Apr 2019

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Protecting your eyes is on of the most important things a woman can do while playing sports. Making the decision to protect your eyes is the easy part. There are many things of which a woman should be aware when selecting the right eye protection for playing sports. Be sure to check out for all your sport sunglasses needs. women's sport sunglasses

Proper Fit

Proper fit is an important part of selecting sport sunglasses. They should be comfortable so that you will want to ear them. If they fit properly, they should not impact your performance in any way. If the sunglasses have any type of strap, be sure to make sure they are adjusted properly every time you wear the sunglasses. We all want to look good while we’re playing our sport, but eye safety is much more important. While sport sunglasses can be a little more stylish, they aren’t as much as regular sunglasses. Sports sunglasses protection your eyes, face, and vision.

Selecting a frame that is designed for your face shape will help you find a frame that fits you best. If you have an oval shaped face, just about any style of sports sunglasses will fit. If you have a round shaped face, you might want to consider wide straight or wide angled frames. If you have a squared shaped face, you should consider a curvier type design. If you have high cheekbones, you may want to think about rimless or oval frames. For heart shaped faces, you might want to look at aviator type frames, or a similar design with a straight line across the top of the frame. Regardless of the frame you choose, make sure they are ASTM F803 approved. That approval states those frames give you the best level of protection and have been tested for use in sports.

Googles n More offers Rec Specs F8 Street Series Sunglasses, which are strong and sturdy, on their website. They are perfect for women because of their size. These stylish looking sunglasses come in non-prescription, as well as prescription. Polarized, tinted, and transition lenses are also available. The standard lens is a non-prescription polycarbonate polarized gray color. They are great for outdoor sports as they meet ASTM F803 impact protection. The detachable strap helps them stay in place during activity.

Proper Lenses

If you wear glasses that are a prescription, you should be sure that you get sports sunglasses with your prescription. Your everyday glasses will not offer you the protection that your eyes need. Making sure that you have the proper lenses can help your game performance in addition to protecting your eyes. Often sports sunglasses frames may come without lenses. Be sure that your sunglass have lenses so they can provide the ultimate protection. The lenses that you put in your frames should have polycarbonate materials. These are the strongest and therefore give the most protection during an impact. They will not interfere with your ability to see.

Another consideration is tinting your sports sunglasses. You need to consider the conditions in which you are playing and the light during the time in which you play. Tinted lens can help to reduce glare and therefore provide you the ability for better performance. Be aware of the different types of tint and how the change your vision. A neutral gray tint helps reduce glare but maintains 100 percent of the color. If you are interested in a contrast, you should look at brown, green, or yellow tints. Green tint can reduce glare and brighten shadows. You want to make sure your lenses have ultraviolet radiation, commonly known as UV, protection. This will protect your eyes from the damaging sun's rays. Goggles n More offers UV400 rated lenses standard on sports sunglasses on their website.

One of their popular women's sport sunglasses are the Sporty F. Morys MS038 wraparound sunglasses. They have a lightweight white / blue one-piece wrap around frames with gray impact safe polycarbonate lenses. They offer 100 percent UV protection and come with air vents to help prevent fogging. Goggles n More offers an optional extra pair of interchangeable polarized and photochromic lenses. These frames come with temple tips and adjustable nose pads to secure your sunglasses on your face. They offer convertible lenses for purchase which allows you to change your lenses without having to change your prescription lenses. These lenses come with a large variety of prescription lenses available for optional purchase. 

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