Can You Wear Glasses Under a Football Helmet?

Can You Wear Glasses Under a Football Helmet?

Posted by Goggles N More on 6th Aug 2021

One of the most popular youth sports across the country is football. Unfortunately, the nature of the activity and the close physical content of players makes it one of the worst for eye injuries. Furthermore, it can be especially difficult for those who wear glasses off the field for their everyday vision needs.

Thankfully, there are options out there. If you’re a parent looking to learn more about how your child can wear corrective eyewear and still enjoy playing football, you’re in luck. Keep reading to learn about youth prescription sports glasses.

Can You Wear Glasses Under a Football Helmet?

This is a really common question that a lot of parents and sports participants ask. Players should not wear traditional glasses under a football helmet. Why? As a full-contact sport, there are numerous times when your body is jostled, you fall to the ground, or you are otherwise impacted by the ball. Traditional glasses are not rated to hold up to this kind of wear, which can cause them to be damaged easily.

Instead, youth prescription sports glasses designed for football are a better option. They are made from durable polycarbonate materials and fit comfortably under a helmet. In addition, they have straps that help keep them in place while running on the field or making that critical tackle.

Do You Need Helmet-Specific Sports Glasses?

Another common question we hear from parents is whether their child needs helmet-specific sports glasses. By this term, we mean glasses designed to fit specifically under a football helmet. The answer is yes.

When buying youth prescription sports goggles, pick a design that the manufacturer states is designed to fit under a football helmet. It is also a good idea to try out your helmet with sports goggles ahead of time to ensure they fit securely and comfortably.

How Should They Fit Under the Helmet?

Finding the right youth prescription sports glasses isn’t tough. But just like fitting for pads or other equipment, you’ll need to follow a few steps to ensure proper sizing.

Start by selecting a design that fits securely to the player’s face. Debris, hands, and other items can make it through a football face mask, so you want to ensure you’re getting the most protection possible. This should give you the right size and shape to fit securely around the entire eye socket, protecting both the eyeball and the soft tissues around the eye.

It is also super important that the sports frames include additional padding where they meet the head and nose. The reason for this is to prevent bruising and reduce impact when taking a hit or tackle on the field.

Finally, select the right strap design. Some players prefer a multi-strap piece that fits over the entire back of the head, while others are perfectly content with a single sports strap. As long as the glasses remain secure during movement and continue to protect their eyes, either one is acceptable.

How Do You Put Glasses On with a Helmet?

Putting on youth prescription sports glasses with a helmet isn’t usually difficult, but it can take some getting used to for your junior athlete. Generally, the process starts by putting on the glasses. Then you can add a skull cap over the top to keep them in place or simply adjust the straps on the frames accordingly. Finally, you put the helmet over it all.

The use of a skull cap isn’t required, but it can make the glasses stay in place better. In addition, you might need to adjust the pads inside the helmet to make it possible to wear sports glasses at the same time.

Is Fogging an Issue? How Do You Prevent Fogging?

Fogging can sometimes be an issue for football players who wear sports glasses, especially in hot and humid environments. The easiest way to prevent this issue is by using a special chemical designed to keep glasses from fogging.

The chemical comes in both a little spray bottle or in travel-size towelettes. Before putting on your glasses and helmet, simply wipe or spray the lenses. Give it a minute or two to dry before wearing them.

Shop Youth Prescription Sports Glasses

Finding the right youth prescription sports glasses for your child is simple with Goggles N More. We offer many different ASTM-rated football goggles and glasses for both adults and children. To learn more or to make a purchase, visit our football eyewear page.

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