Celebrity Fashion Sunglasses Without the Price Tag

Celebrity Fashion Sunglasses Without the Price Tag

Posted by Goggles N More on 2nd Aug 2022

Fashion sunglasses keep your eyes safe from UV rays, and are important year-round, but they can also be a rocking fashion accessory.

Trendy Fashion Sunglasses To Consider

  • Sport - Sports sunglasses look great in the game, are made to be durable and stay on, and serve their function but they can also be a fashion statement and complement your yoga pants on your next jog, hike, or kayak trip.
  • Aviator - Aviator sunglasses are hot this summer. Thanks in no small part to Miles Teller and a volleyball. Anyone can rock the aviators, and they provide a ton of coverage and protection from the harsh UV rays.
  • Wayfarer - This classic frame can work for just about any look, any gender, and level of formality. You really can't go wrong with the wayfarer. If you can't picture this frame think of the classic square shape.
  • Cat-Eye - The flared-up sides add a little drama to any style and can bring the eyes to the face.
  • Round - Round-shaped frames go great with angular faces and they are on trend this summer if you want to rock the round Lennon look, go crazy.
  • Square - Square frames look totally rad on the beach because it offers extra protection around the eyes and looks perfect. They are also a great option for rounder faces but, for the most part, everyone looks good in a pair of square frames.
  • Retro - Retro designs of all types are big right now. Maybe it is nostalgia for simpler times or maybe it is just because what looks good then still looks hot now. Either way, go retro to be relevant at any age.
  • Bold - From whimsical frame shapes to bold colors that pop do not be too afraid to show your bold side as you choose your sunglass frames. After all, you are the one who will be wearing them, and you should enjoy all the little things in life that you can.

Fashion Sunglasses Trends in 2022

Celebrity Picks For Hot Shades in 2022

  • Meghan Markle - Even if she did not marry a prince Meghan has always been a leader and princess of style. Her go-to sunglasses are Wayfarers and bold blacks with a subtle cat eye. Class with just a little flare.
  • Bella Hadid - Miss Bella has been rocking a variety of fashion sunglasses this year and it would be hard to identify just one style to connect her with. She is bold enough to try a different sunglass look with every outfit and fashionable enough to pull it off.
  • Taylor Swift - She is known for her white cat eye frames that are iconic, no doubt. But she also is not afraid to sport cute shapes and funky colors when she wears sunglasses.
  • Selena Gomez - Selena has been spotted with the iconic huge square frames that look so perfect with her face. She also has chosen unique red lenses with not one but two of her sunglass frames. Her look is unique and beautiful.

When it comes to choosing the right sunglasses, the choices are practically endless. Even people who have a more subdued style enjoy going bold with a pair of sun shades. There are styles ranging from professional to whimsical, and everything in between.

Browse the selection at Goggles N More and choose the fashion sunglasses to fit your active lifestyle year-round. We can put your current eyeglass prescription lens in any of our sunglasses or goggles. Ordering is easy, and we have a safe shopping guarantee.

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