Do prescription ski goggle inserts fog up?

Do prescription ski goggle inserts fog up?

Posted by Goggles N More on 17th Jan 2020

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Prescription ski goggle inserts are a great option for dealing with vision issues out on the slopes. Prescription ski goggle inserts are an effective and relatively inexpensive way to take advantage of your  prescription from the optometrist while you're skiing or boarding. A lot of skiers and boarders struggle with finding a comfortable and safe way to see properly while they're on the mountain while still enjoying the protective benefits of ski goggles.

Even those who are aware of the availability of prescription ski goggle inserts might be concerned that inserts will make their ski goggles more likely to fog up. Lens fogging is one of the biggest problems that create visibility issues for a lot of skiers and boarders out there. Fogging on goggle lenses is the result of warm air and moisture inside the goggles making contact with the cold surface of the lens of the goggles. This in turn leads to condensation. When fogging in goggle lenses occurs, skiers and boarders may not be able to see anything at all out of their goggles and have to stop to clean their lenses and address the issue to ski or board safely.

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Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts and Lens Fogging

It's important to realize that prescription ski goggle inserts shouldn't increase or aggravate fogging issues in any way. Fogging is aggravated by issues like the presence of moisture and a lack of ventilation. Prescription ski goggle inserts are designed to stay as close to the interior side of the ski goggle lens as possible. What this means is that prescription ski goggle inserts won't increase moisture or detract from air circulation.

Prescription ski goggle inserts do nothing but improve visibility. Those who are concerned about their ski goggles fogging should know that decreasing the chances of fogging is all about choosing the right ski goggles. Good ski goggles should include an anti-fog coating on the lens as well as a mechanical means of anti fogging. These coatings discourage condensation from accumulating on the surface of the ski goggle lens. Also, good ski goggles should include ventilation features. Air needs to circulate within the ski goggles to prevent condensation. Also, it's important to keep moving out on the slopes to use ventilation features to prevent condensation on your  ski goggles. If you stop and rest while out on the mountain for extended periods of time, your ski goggles become more likely to fog up.

The quality of the design of your ski goggles is more important in determining whether you will have to deal with fogging than the presence of prescription ski goggle inserts. Once you have prescription ski goggle inserts and start using them, you will notice that they only improve your vision through the use of your prescription, and they don't increase fogging in.

Taking Advantage of Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts

You should invest in a set of  prescription ski goggle inserts rather than struggling with other vision solutions while skiing like wearing eyeglasses or contacts underneath your ski goggles. It's important for your safety that you can see well while you're on the trails. Don't take any risks.

All you need to order prescription ski goggle inserts is your prescription details. You can get your prescription from your optometrist and send it in to get the perfect inserts made that will fit your ski goggles perfectly.

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