Do swim goggles have UV protection?

Do swim goggles have UV protection?

Posted by Goggles N More on 24th Sep 2019

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Quality swim goggles aren't as "one size fits all" as you may first expect. In fact, there are a lot of options out there that may be inexpensive but just don't cut it when it comes to protecting your eyes. Because our eyes are so important, and protecting them should be a top priority, we strongly recommend that our customers choose an option that comes with a UV protective coating. This  coating protects your eyes from both UV A and UV B rays that can be harmful to your eyes and vision. Don't go out in the water without making sure that your eyes won't get damaged by the sun's sometimes harmful rays!

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My goggles are tinted/mirrored, won't that protect me from UV rays?

The short and simple answer is NO. Unless your  goggle lenses have been treated with a special UV protective coating, you are still susceptible to harm from the sun's rays. Yes, they will help to reduce sun glare and other similar issues, but they don't offer the UV protection you need. It is a common mistake for people to think that because they are wearing mirrored or dark tint goggles that they have all of the protection that they need. This is not always the case, and it's better to make sure that you have UV protection than to find out the hard way that you didn't.

A strong UV protection option is even more important when you are swimming outdoors because the sun's rays are reflected off of the water and it can be difficult if not impossible to avoid them. UV rays can degrade your vision over time, and it's important to protect yourself. Even if you are diligent about always wearing your swim goggles, your eyes can still be suffering if they don't include a UV protective coating.

Are there many options for UV protection swim goggles on the Goggles N More site?

The team at Goggles N More understands how important it is to protect one's eyes from the sun's UV A and UV B rays and that's why we carry a variety of different  goggle types that can give you the protection you need. Whatever color or tint that you are interested in, or if you are into mirrored lenses, we've got you covered. Prescription lenses can also be treated with the UV protective coating. Really, there's no reason not to have UV protective goggles if you spend any time swimming outside

Because you are underwater you may overlook the importance of protecting your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. This is an easy way to slip into a false sense of comfort and end up damaging your eyes. Before you dip into that outdoor pool, take a second look at your swim goggles and make sure that they are giving you the UV protection that you need! Check out the Goggles N More website to learn more about your UV protection options in both regular and prescription goggles.

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