Glasses Keep NBA Players Sharp

Glasses Keep NBA Players Sharp

Posted by Goggles n More on 4th Dec 2017

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Glasses Keep NBA Players Sharp

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The 2017 basketball season is well underway. I’m sure every fan has been watching the smooth moves and quick reflexes in both the College and National Basketball Association games. But ask yourself what would consider to be the most important factor of the game is?

The skills of the players? The experience of the player? The sponsors? The fans? Of course, each of those play an important role- are they really the most important factor of the game though?

Yes, those are important qualities but the most important factor is vision. How can you expect any player to land a perfect free throw without having the perfect vision, glasses, or contacts that allow you to see the ball? Or not tripping on the foul line for not being able to see?

I think anyone who wears glasses can attest that sports and four-eyes do not always mix well. Basketball can result in many injuries, especially, eye injuries due to level of high contact. Nowadays most professional and regular basketball players rely on contact lenses as a solution for clear vision while playing.

However, what if you do not want to wear contact lenses? Maybe you physically cannot or maybe you are uncomfortable with how they feel or the process to putting on the contacts?

There is no need to worry because there’s a solution: prescription sports goggles or glasses.

Over the years,  sports goggles or glasses have been making an appearance for basketball players. The trend is making a resurgence for basketball players who wear glasses or goggles during the game.

Take George Mikan, formerly known as Mr. Basketball, who played for the Lakers in the 1950s and actually is famous for gaining national popularity for basketball. Mikan actually wore sports goggles every game he played in order to see.

Or how about Amare Stoudemire? A more recent basketball player, who proves that glasses do not have to impede on your ability to play or looking cool. Stoudemire’s sports glasses not only kept his vision sharp, but also his game.

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