How Can I Swim with Bad Eyesight?

How Can I Swim with Bad Eyesight?

Posted by Goggles N More on 10th Sep 2021

If you have bad eyesight, you don’t have to forego time at the pool. Sure, you can go swimming with poor eyesight if you choose, however, wouldn't you rather enjoy your time in the water? Perhaps see potential dangers or deep drop-offs? Then consider prescription swim goggles customized with your own eye doctor RX.

Effects of Swimming without Prescription Swim Goggles

Trying to swim without seeing can prove to be difficult and can effect your self confidence. If you have vision loss you probably either way prescription glasses or contact lenses, but even those solution can also lead to irritability of the eyes and lost or broke glasses. Keep reading to learn why prescription swim goggles are the perfect solution to all your issues.

Why Not Prescription Glasses

The chlorine and pool water will not damage your glasses, but glasses can slip off your face, fall into the water, and sink. It’s going to be hard to find your glasses when you aren’t able to see them. You can use an elastic strap for the frames to hold your glasses in place, but there is also the much better option of prescription swim goggles. There is also the option to have large rubber glasses that fit snugly over your current prescription glasses. However, this combination is typically too bulky for most people. Prescription swim goggles allow you to have a more natural feeling when swimming, and you don’t need to wear contact lenses or your glasses.

Prescription Swim Goggles

Why Not Contact Lenses

Wearing contacts in the pool may not be the best idea. While the chlorine in the water may not damage contact lenses, bacteria can stick to the contacts and cause infections in your eye. While it is best not to wear your contact lenses in the pool to see, you can do so if you can find a pair of swim goggles that can keep the water completely out of your eyes. In our opinion, prescription swim goggles are much easier to wear if you are swimming often. 

Swimming without Prescription Swim Goggles

Technically, you can swim without swim goggles, but things are going to be a bit blurry. You will need to swim slowly and try to ensure that you are able to see the other end of the pool so you don’t get injured. You will have to swim at low speeds in case you do collide with something in order to minimize any harm.

Finding the Right Prescription Swim Goggles

With prescription swim goggles, you can choose the goggle frames and lenses that are just as hydrodynamic and sleek as non-prescription ones. You can choose from both racing styles and recreational style swim goggles. If you are a lap swimmer, you may want to select a pair of prescription swim goggles with low-profile frames. Recreational swim goggles offer some wider peripheral vision and sometimes have padded frames. As simple as picking out a pair of reading glasses, ordering prescription swim goggles is a breeze at Goggles N More. You can even customize swim goggles with your exact prescription!

Prescription Swim Goggles

Benefits of Wearing Prescription Swim Goggles

Not only will you be able to see better and have more clarity, but with a custom pair of prescription swim goggles, there are also some other benefits. With prescription swim goggles, you are going to have better distance vision and depth perception. Clear vision can also help improve lap times since you will be better able to judge when you should turn around, so you don’t accidentally cause a collision or misjudge the distance to the wall. You will also see the swimming lane more clearly, which others in the pool may appreciate. Even if you are just swimming for fun, you will be sure to enjoy the vision that high-quality prescription swim goggles offer you.

Exposing the eyes to saltwater or chlorine may not cause your eyes to have permanent damage, but it can be painful even for hours after getting out of the water. Even just small amounts can create a burning sensation and leave your eyes watery and red. Having swim goggles that offer a waterproof seal can minimize the water that comes into your eyes, so not only will you be able to see better, but you will have increased comfort while you enjoy the water as well.

Why Prescription Swim Goggles Are Worth It

Our made-to-prescription swim goggles can last a long time once you find the right pair for you, especially if you are just a casual swimmer. They can also protect your eyes from the pool water. If you are going to be jumping in the water regularly, it is worth the money to invest in some prescription swim goggles so that you can see in the water, protect your eyes, and enjoy all the benefits that swimming has to offer.

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