How Do I Choose Sports Glasses?

How Do I Choose Sports Glasses?

Posted by Goggles N More on 13th Aug 2021

Are you unsure of where to start when it comes to buying sports glasses or sports goggles? We are here to help with this great blog post. Here are a few tips on choosing the right sports glasses for your needs.

How Do I Choose Prescription Sports Glasses?

Choosing the right sports glasses for your needs really begins with a few key steps. To ensure you’re getting the right pair, follow these steps.

1. Choose Several Pairs of Sports Glasses Rated for Your Activity

Just like not all sports are alike, not all glasses are designed for a certain level of physical activity. Select those specifically rated for what you plan on wearing them to do. For example, football glasses are different from fishing glasses.

2. Select the Right Material for Your Prescription Sports Glasses

Most sports glasses have lightweight frames and polycarbonate lenses. This is for numerous reasons, but the two most important are durability and weight. If you’re planning on wearing these glasses for an extended period of time or need them as a way to protect your eyes, then you’ll want to choose those designed for these factors.

3. Decide on Prescription Sports Glasses Style and Fit

How your sports glasses protect your eyes is essential. You want to choose those that fit securely around the whole eye socket, covering both the eyeballs and the soft tissues around them. Some individuals prefer traditional spectacle-style glasses, while others want a strap that holds them securely in place.

Do You Need Different Sports Glasses for Different Activities?

It is vital to choose the right type of prescription sports glasses for the activity you’re participating in. While some glasses and goggles carry over for multiple types of events, it really is crucial that you find ones that offer the most protection for what you’re going to be doing.

Should You Wear Prescription Swim Goggles if You Need Vision Correction?

If you wear prescription glasses daily, you’ll want to consider prescription swim goggles. These are essentially just like standard glasses and are tailored to your individual vision needs, making it easy to see clearly when under the surface of the water.

What if you typically wear contact lenses? If you plan on wearing your contacts underwater, then you likely do not need prescription swim goggles. However, it is important to purchase quality goggles that keep water from getting into your eyes and causing irritation while you’re swimming or diving.

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Choosing the Type of Prescription Sports Glasses

The type of sports glasses you choose is another personal preference. Some people who engage in very physical activities where they are moving around constantly opt for a strap that keeps the eyewear firmly in place. Others prefer the basic spectacles style with two standard earpieces.

This choice just comes down to your own comfort level and what you’ll be doing while wearing them. For example, if you’re wearing your sports glasses under a helmet, you’ll want the type of sports goggles or sports glasses rated for such use. But if you’re just spending the afternoon on the golf course, you probably won’t need ones that stay as secure and instead would opt for those that double as prescription sunglasses.

Lens Options for Prescription Sports Glasses

Sports glasses come in a variety of different lens options. The most common is polycarbonate, mainly because it is lightweight and offers an extra layer of protection when outdoors. And they also double as a blocker for dust, debris, and other particles during certain activities, like skiing or mountain biking.

The tint of the lens is also another important choice. Certain athletes prefer an amber tint, making it easier to see and reduce glare and improve distance contrast while on a golf course. Likewise, anglers often prefer a yellow tint, which can help make it easier when staring into dark waters while fishing on a lake.

Another factor you can consider is whether you want transition lenses that automatically turn dark when you go outside. For some athletes, they prefer this style as it means not having to carry around additional pairs of sunglasses.

Choosing the Best Prescription Sports Glasses

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