How do you choose swimming goggles?

How do you choose swimming goggles?

Posted by Goggles N More on 6th Sep 2019

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Choosing swimming goggles can be overwhelming because of the number of options to choose from. Swimming goggles are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, styles and colors, so in order to choose the best ones for you; you’ll need to narrow down your options by knowing when and where you will be wearing them. It’s important to choose the swimming goggles that are best suited for specific conditions. For instance, will you be wearing them in the pool or the ocean or will they be worn for competition or for recreational swimming activities? If you will be swimming in an underground pool or an indoor pool, the swimming goggles should be clear or lightly tinted, but if you intend to wear them in an outdoor pool or the ocean, a pair of tinted swimming goggles will help protect your eyes from the intense sunlight. Here are some tips to help you choose the best swimming goggles for your needs.

Swimming Goggle Quality and Fit

Other than choosing swimming goggles that are designed specifically for the environment in which they will be worn, the most important factors to consider when buying swimming goggles are the quality and the fit. It is highly recommended that you try on the swimming goggles that you are interested in; there’s nothing more frustrating than buying a pair of swim goggles that leak or are uncomfortable. Some things to look for include:

  • Visibility - Be sure to check your vision when looking straight forward as well as your peripheral vision.
  • Color - Clear lenses are best for indoor light, while tinted lenses are recommended for outside pools and in the ocean.
  • Straps - Swimming goggles that have a single strap may end up sliding down, so it’s best to choose double straps.
  • Adjustable - Some swimming goggles come with interchangeable nose pieces, which allow for changing the distance between eye cups to provide a better fit.
  • Size - The eye cups in swimming goggles come in different sizes, including small eye cups that fit inside of the eye socket, while other eye cups are made to fit like a mask.

Competition Swimming Goggles

It is critical when you are in a racing situation to wear a good pair of swimming goggles that will not slip off after you start and that won’t fill up with water during the race. While racing, you’ll want to wear goggles that are comfortable around your eyes, yet tight enough to prevent any disturbances during the race. It’s also important to think about when and where the race will be; for instance, do you need clear goggles for an indoor pool or tinted for outdoors.

Recreational Swimming Goggles

When buying recreational  swimming goggles, you’ll need to choose a pair that is designed for the specific activity and that will be comfortable when worn for long periods of time. For instance, if you’ll be wearing the swim goggles for daily laps in the pool, they should be comfortable, durable and fit well. If you will be wearing the swim goggles for a brief period, such as while on vacation, you can get by with a less expensive pair, but it’s important to buy a pair that is leak proof and comfortable.

Prescription Swimming Goggles

If you wear prescription glasses, swimming can be a difficult activity; you probably assume there are only two choices, wear your glasses while swimming or swim without them. Unfortunately, wearing glasses while swimming isn’t generally recommended for a couple of different reasons, including the risk of losing or damaging your glasses, but there is also a risk of infection, because the chlorinated and bacteria filled water will get between your eyes and the glasses. Having the ability to safely see under water is an option with  prescription swimming goggles. There are several colors, shapes and styles of prescription swimming goggles to choose from.

Swimming goggles range in price, so you’ll have a wide option to choose from. Keep in mind that the most important factor when buying swim goggles is that you buy the style that is the most comfortable for you and meets the type of swimming you intend to wear them for.

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