How do you protect your eyes while skiing?

How do you protect your eyes while skiing?

Your eyes are among the most sensitive and delicate parts of your body. As such, it's important to protect them when you're engaged in athletic and outdoor activities. Skiing is an activity that can especially put stress on the eyes. Skiers, snowboarders, and other winter sports enthusiasts need to protect their eyes from injury by using a good quality pair of ski goggles, like the popular anti-fog  Snowledge Halo goggles.

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Ski Goggles Protect You From Hazards on the Slopes

The first step for adequately protecting your eyes is understanding what the exact issues are that can cause eye discomfort and injury when skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports and activities. The following are the major causes for concern regarding eye protection for a skier or boarder:

  • Cold air- Without ski goggles, the eyes are exposed to a great deal of cold air during skiing or snowboarding. Skiers and boarders move at fast speeds through cold air. This can create a situation where the eyes start to dry out. Dried out eyes can become irritated and create a distraction during skiing or boarding, so they need to be avoided. Ski goggles add a layer of protection between the cold wind and your delicate eyes and eye area. 
  • Bright sunlight- Another potential hazard on the slopes is bright sunlight. The eyes are susceptible to damage from UV rays during skiing and boarding.
  • Visibility issues- A lot of conditions on the mountain can make clear visibility difficult or impossible. For example, precipitation in the air gets into skiers' or boarders' eyes while they're going down the mountain. This can make it difficult for one to keep one's eyes open. Obviously, skiers and boarders need to keep their eyes open and enjoy good visibility to avoid accidents and look out for hazards.

Protecting Your Eyes with Ski Goggles

The best way to protect your eyes against all these potential causes of eye injury and damage is to get a good pair of ski goggles. There are a few important factors to look out for when selecting a good pair of ski goggles to make sure that your goggles provide the best possible protection.

First of all, ski goggles need to fit properly. It's important that ski goggles stay in place while skiing or boarding. Ski goggles that won't stay on tight can create more hazards than they correct. It's important to size ski goggles properly and tighten the head strap properly to ensure a comfortable yet snug fit.

It's also important that ski goggles won't fog up to avoid visibility issues while wearing them. High quality ski goggles are equipped with anti-fog mechanism like an anti-fog coating on the lens and a ventilation system.

Ski goggles should also offer compatibility with a skier or boarder's eyeglass prescription for those who have vision issues. The best way to use your prescription in your ski goggles is by purchasing a  prescription ski goggle insert. These  prescription ski goggle inserts snap right in place inside the ski goggles and correct the skier's or snowboarder's vision just like contacts and eyeglasses do.

Keeping the eyes safe

The importance of keeping the eyes protected and safe on the slopes can't be overemphasized. While there are a lot of eye hazards in skiing and boarding, they can be easily protected against with the right pair of goggles.

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